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Public Relations Information

Youve Done PR the Hard Way Long Enough

As a business, non-profit or association manager, let the tacticians handle the special events, brochures and press releases from now on.

What Some Pros Know About PR

They know they had better do something positive about those outside audiences that MOST affect their organizations. Especially business, non-profit or association managers, who also know they must persuade those key external ?publics? to the manager?s way of thinking, then move those people to actions that allow that manager?s department, division or subsidiary to succeed.

Top Ten Tips For Great Sound Bites

If you're an online business using public relations (PR) to help increase traffic at your site, you've found a great way to gain exposure at little cost. And before you know it, the day will come when you are invited to do an interview with a reporter. It's exciting, but scary. What do you do? How do you prepare?

Austin?s Annual Charity Event with KVET

In my travels around the country while building my business I have had the pleasure of meeting some of the greatest community volunteers in our nation. I never missed an opportunity to meet community leaders and learn all I could about every market my company franchised in. One event in particular was a standout; the Austin?s Annual Charity Event with KVET.

For Financial Planners, Marketing and Publicity Is About You

For financial planners, getting publicity, in the end, isn?t about having contacts in the media.

How Marketing-Minded Financial Planners Get Publicity

You?ve probably noticed, if you live on this planet, that we live in a media-driven world.

Publicity and Marketing Magic For Financial Planners: The Four Mores

Publicity will take your financial planning practice, your business, and your life to the next level. It?s going to bring you:more recognitionmore credibilitymore value to the marketplacemore businessIt?s obvious that getting more publicity ? exposure in the media ? will yield you more marketplace recognition. But how do the other three ?mores? work?

What to Do When the Reporter Calls: Five Tips for New (and not-so-new) Business Owners

New business owners often miss out on publicity opportunities because they think it's a nuisance to talk to reporters. In fact, publicity can be far more valuable than advertising. Media exposure can give your business profile a huge boost. You'll attract clients, customers and recruiters. More important, you gain credibility as an "expert" when you can post a copy of a published article on your website, office wall, or portfolio.

Do You See PRs Real Value?

As a business, non-profit or association manager, do you see the value in doing something positive about the behaviors of those important external audiences of yours that most affect your operation?

Permanent Press: Using Press Releases to Keep Your Company in the News

When is your best advertisement not an advertisement? When it?s a press release.

Media Relations: Should You Pay For News Coverage?

Dear New York Times:

Media Training: How To Speak During a Media Interview


Managers: Do You Trust Your PR?

You can if, as a business, non-profit or associationmanager, you can honestly say you are doing somethingpositive about the behaviors of those important external audiences of yours that most affect your department, group, division or subsidiary.

Submitting A Press Release Can Benefit Your Business

A Press Release is a captive story that can be about a person, a business or organizational group that is submitted to the media. The distribution of a release can be targeted to media outlets in newspapers, TV, radio stations, magazines and global newswire networks. Like with any other form of marketing, a well-submitted press release will give added publicity and creditability to an individual or a business.

How PR Helps Managers Win

Anything that lets managers achieve their managerial objectives is a winner.

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