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Networking Information

Write It Down!

Why would you want to write information on paper when you have a business card in hand?

Examination of Discovery - Finding the Right Networking Group

Why would I pick this group over another group?

Social Network Software

My neighbor ? a lovely man I?ve known, and have had social contact with for years ? is the COO of one of the world?s largest companies. He?s read my books, is familiar with my concepts, and is a fan. But we?ve not talked shop due to our social connection.

What a Leads Exchange Group can do for You

What is the definition of a leads exchange and how does it differ from other groups?

Networking Group Loyalty Requirements

How can you find out the group loyalty requirements before you venture forth?

Measuring Value for a Networking Group

How do you measure a group?s worth to your organization?

3 Reasons to Join a Group

Defining your purpose for joining a group.

Volunteering for a Networking Group

When is it appropriate to volunteer to take a position in the group?

Getting Leads

How many leads do you pass on?

Alliances: More Than A One Way Relationship

What is the biggest advantage of forming an alliance?

The Quest for Passive Income

Passive Income, residuals, royalties three ways to get paid multiple times for a one-time effort. You write a song in 1970 it gets covered by many artists. Each artist sells many albums or radio stations play your tune and Presto! you get a royalty check in the mail, even decades after you first published the song. Here's another example:

Community Involvement Networking

It is important for you to join at least one service club in your area to help your small business in the community. It might be wise to get with other small businesses which are friends and figure out how each of you can join a different service club to maximize your word of mouth referral base in the community.

Networking Know-how

Successful networking requires the understanding from the get-go that it is about what we can do for each other. Networking requires time, patience, and a commitment to helping others. Honest networking is not just meeting as many people as you can with the intent of citing a "mini-commercial" about what you need. No room for selfishness here; networking requires showing an interest in others that will help build credibility and trust -- establishing a real relationship.

How NOT to Waste Your Time Networking

Ever wonder if networking, referral groups, and conferences are a waste of your time? Think about it?how many hours do you invest in deciding where to network, registering, getting there, ?working the room,? and then following up? How much real business do you generate from your networking efforts? How do you know where to invest and where to cut your losses?

The Power of Word of Mouth

Most of us remember the commercial that said, ?I told two friends, and they told two friends, and so on, and so on, and??, well you get the picture. This commercial, which represented Breck Hair Shampoo, ran so many times that even I remember who the commercial represented.

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