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Five Best Ways To Build A Network

I have been working from home on the internet for over 3 years now. 18 months of that was spent trying out various different programs trying to find things that would work for me and this done nothing more than cost me thousands of dollars and also caused me to neglect my family friends and my health, as a result I then took a break from internet marketing and got my life in order.

After almost 9 months of rest and recovery I decided to give this industry one last try so I got in contact with some of my old friends online and found out what they where involved in and found out exactly what was working online and I then got involved with a 7 year old company called Empowerism which I have now been working with since October 2004.

I quickly learnt that when promoting a product online there is one thing that everyone needs and that is traffic. Now you have to remember that by generating traffic you are not selling a product but are simply getting people to the product and allowing the website to do the selling therefore you can see the importance of firstly having a website which is full of good information and content along with driving insane traffic to your product.

There are various ways in which you can generate traffic and leads:

You can create what is called a capture page where your visitor will input their Full name along with E mail address and any other information you wish then they will be redirected to your website and this information will be added to your autoresponder which will then send out automated promotional sales letters.

Once you have a capture page setup you must then get visitors you can do this by advertising your page in what is called a traffic exchange where you can surf other members sites and in return they will surf yours, this method is proving to provide some people with 150+ quality leads per month to which they can then follow up with their autoresponder or any other method they wish.

You can also put out adverts or letters in ezines giving the prospect relevant information about your opportunity along with a link to your capture page and you can then capture the lead this way.

Banner adverts are also a good idea as people tend to notice eye catching advertisements like this and as there is not much information on the banner they often find themselves curious and clicking to get more information.

Advertising to quality opt in leads is very good as these are people who have provided their details so that you can send them out information via e mail regarding an exciting business opportunity however you have to carefully choose your lead sources that you are going to purchase from in order to ensure quality along with quantity.

Dilligent tracking of results is more important than anything else I have mentioned as there is no point firing from every direction if you do not know which direction is responding as you could be spending hours per day putting out ads that are generating no results when you could be putting out more ads that will.

I have now listed several resources which should assist you in carrying out the tasks above, links to these recources can be found at my website the url is contained at the bottom of this article.

No More Hits, traffic exchange and banner ads

Ezine Blaze, ezine advertising

Leads at Empowerism, top quality opt in leads and capture pages

Results Tracker, dilligent ad tracking

I hope the information above benefits you greatly as it has done for me.

Yours Truly
Mark Shields

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