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Hey, Whos the New Guy? How to Make Guests and First Timers Feel Welcome

The New Guy is a person we all know. And regardless of age, gender, race or personality ? spotting The New Guy and stepping onto their front porch is your duty as an existing member of any organization. Here?s why:

Franchisees Should Learn From Each Other

If you own a franchise you should be in contact with your nearest franchisees and share information as if you were the manager of a corporate store. You should set up meetings once or twice per month and have their phone numbers logged into your speed dial for easy reference.

Small File Box With Resumes to Help Customers

I bet you have not thought about it much, but there are many ways you can help your customers in their daily lives. If you have a customer who just got laid off from their job, tell them you will be glad to take a few of their resumes and put them in a file box and when Corporate Executives come into the store you will be sure to put a good word in for them. Many years ago I use to drive from company to company to wash cars. Sometimes companies were hiring and sometimes laying off or closing. It was easy to put a small box behind the seat of my work truck and sense most of those who gave me their resumes were customers. I helped them and maintained a customer, because once they got a new job they could resume my mobile car wash services. It sure made people happy. I use to laugh at that, but I placed so many people over the years in jobs and they were so grateful they always referred so many new customers to me. As business owners we know thousands of people and we understand networking, use this skill to keep your customers gainfully employed so they can continue to patronize you. When you see someone out looking for a job, get their resume and keep it in a small file box behind your seat. Label ten folders with categories such as:

Mobile Car Wash Companies; Trading Tips

If you run a mobile car washing firm we recommend trading for as many products and services as possible. You should trade for both personal and business items. You need to keep in mind that your gross sales will go down as you do this because money will not be taken in for these services you perform. You will however, notice a significant increase in your standard of living. This is because you will generally end up trading: Wholesale To Wholesale; Retail To Retail; Retail To Wholesale; Wholesale To Retail

Putting The Fun Back In Networking

Networking is one of the most important skills a person can attain to be successful... in anything. I only recently realized that people don?t know how to do it. Or they are uncomfortable with it and I think to myself are you crazy? Networking has always come natural to me. As a matter of fact, I was networking even before the word or idea became popular among business professionals. Perhaps it was because when I was a kid I would sometimes go along with my Dad on a Saturday on his business route. He was a merchant wholesaler, selling fresh meat to butchers. My Dad was a natural networker in the sense that he could build rapport quickly, he always followed through on what he said he would do, and he knew how to size up an individual in an instant. If alive today, he would just look at me puzzled and say networking, hogwash, what the heck is that, what I do is just plain old-fashioned getting things done.

Come Home Rich - How to Get the Most out of Your Next Conference

Success in your career depends upon how well you manage your professional development. A prime source of this development comes from being a member of a professional association that relates to your career. As a member, you can attend conferences where you advance your skills and meet people who can help you.

Your Front End

While surfing for traffic or browsing your safelist emails, you are sure to have noticed the very large number of networkers promoting similar, if not identical, programs. Empowerism and Profit Rally are everywhere, as are health related and telecom based MLM opportunities. This is an incredibly competitive time for net marketers. It's difficult to stand out among thousands of other people when everyone is promoting basically the same thing, albeit in slightly different "packages".

Why Cant I Remember Your Name?

You?re terrible with names. You forget someone?s name within ten seconds of their introduction, and it embarrasses you. In fact, it?s possible you won?t even approach someone whose name you have forgotten. As a result, you will miss out on a valuable business contact.

Why Cant I Start A Conversation With You?

One out of every ten Americans has a fear of talking to strangers. When you enter a room full of new faces, to start these conversations seems like an impossible task. You wait and wait and hope to God someone else says hello first, but the apprehensive silence persists. Then nobody talks to anybody.

Why Arent You Talking to Me?

Your nonverbal communication talks before you do. Only seven percent of interpersonal communication is transmitted verbally?the remaining ninety-three percent speaks for itself.

Success Sentences to Help Combat Conversational Crappiness

Essential to your success as an effective, engaging communicator is learning not only what to say, but what not to say. The following guide examines several sentences, phrases and questions that stand in your way of connecting and communicating with confidence.

How Well Do Your Customers Know You?

Know your customer, know your customer, know your customer. Three very important rules of business. But let me ask you this: How well do your customers know YOU?

Test Your Networking Know-How

Let's test your knowledge on networking:

The Answer to Your Worst Networking Nightmare

Imagine you just met your ideal client at a networking event. He?s friendly, has great ideas and could use a valuable person like you to help grow his business. Not to mention, he?s the kind of person from whom you could learn a great deal as well. After all, networking is the creation and maintenance of mutually valuable relationships.

Politics, Religion, Race; Conversational No-No?s in Business

Do not destroy all your positive displacement and high energy and customer confidence by discussing politics in your small business. Remember not every one in the world is as smart as you are or sees as much dealing with all these different types of customers in so many different professions each day. Therefore they may have incorrect political views and disagree with you. You do not have time to change everyone?s mind nor should you bother trying. Since we have a two party political system and it is pretty much split down the middle, you have a 50% chance of pissing someone off when talking about politics in an office building. The owner may be Republican but the people overhearing the conversations may be one-half Democratic and they are also potential customers. Please don?t talk about abortion, assault weapon bans or cigarette laws. People who are into these issues are really into them, and if your opinion differs from theirs, you have just created an enemy and lost a customer.

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