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The Power of Inner SELF

I am sharing one of the great insights.The fear that we have about venturing into anything new is our past memories and darkness. There is a way out to walk in the darkness. It's to seek active guidance from within and trust deeply that we are guided from within. The intensity and accuracy of the guidance dependence on our contact with inner teacher/leader/light. In fact the fear is nothing but fear of being alone. Some day, we deeply and experientially understand that we are not alone but intimately and moment to moment guided by the inner teacher. Seek to be guided and your trust will never be faltered, you got to remove the thought that you are alone.

All rest on our intimate knowledge of this inner guidance which is available on seeking active contact and this power is available 24/7 with us. The problem is that we get lost in our own ideas borne of fear and align ourselves from our inner teacher. Whosoever is intimately connected with the inner teacher will shine brighter every moment with renewed intensity and can dare to step into creating the life of their dream with the trust, guidance (listen for guidance) and intimacy with the inner self.

Daring and trust goes hand in hand and trust can not come until we can validate that we are not alone but guided actively every moment. For this validity, we have to experiment for sometime with our inner self and form the conviction that it's not just my dream or vision but its god's vision or dream manifesting through me for this part of my world. This conviction is the source of inner power. LISTEN TO INNER SELF FOR MAKING ROADS IN THE CHOSEN DIRECTION.Courage to act upon come from inner support which one's tested becomes a reserve bank to draw upon for venturing into bigger and better projects.

Author: Santosh Kunte ? Mumbai India. An avid reader of the spiritual knowledge, engineering graduate and executive. Loves reading meditation and sharing. You can reach me by dropping an e-mail on

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