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Quotable Quotes Are Nothing More Than Flowery Words

Quotable quotes are nothing more than flowery words... And anyonegiven enough time and cognitive power anyone can put onetogether. Yes, they may strike a chord or make you feel good,but their true value resides in what they encourage and exciteyou to put into action. Ideas not followed by action have verylittle power.

Here is one for you: "Only that which is eternal has any truevalue." Now you think about that quote and in some circles itmight be considered pretty quotable. So does this mean that ifthis online message lasts for eternity that it has true value?Actually the author is attempting to convey something moreprofound (I happen to know him pretty well).

The only thing which is eternal (quotable or non-quotable) isthat which lies within you -- your spiritual core. This is yourtrue identity and therefore anything that cannot stand the testof infinity is but a passing fancy. What does this have to dowith quotable quotes? Well a lot..hang with me.

If you are focusing on the infinite then you must take theaction necessary to strengthen and escalate the Power of theInfinite within yourself. The next logical question may be,"Well how do increase this power within?"

All great teachers, sages and saints since time immemorial havetold us in one-way-shape-or-fashion that the power to win inyour life comes quite simply from two things. You mustconstantly:

  • Study, understand, and immerse yourself in thatwhich brings you power.
  • Avoid all that weakens you.Unfortunately, you live in a world that will inundate you withthat which weakens. Increasing your Infinite Self then becomes amatter of critical action; and here is where we tie thisconversation into quotable quotes.

    The fact that you are alive in this century guarantees that youare highly exposed to negative input from the media, friends,school systems, family members and various other energyvampires.

    Now while you may not find all of above factors as negative inyour life, we can be pretty well assured that unless you avoidtelevision, newspapers and magazines all together (something youmight strongly consider), you have at minimum some negativeenergy to contend with. If you are barraged by negative mediainput on a daily basis you must actively seek input to thecontrary just to stay at equilibrium.. much less get ahead ofthe energy game. Enter quotable quotes.

    The infamous quotable quotes could indeed be a part of youraction plan to offset negative input from other sources.Ultimately you will become that which you think about all daylong, for thoughts breed action and actions breed results.

    Read the quotes as well as other pieces of inspiration andpower; and then most importantly...act boldly in accordance withthis line of thinking and pull yourself from the quagmire ofcollective limitation. You were born into greatness but havebeen conditioned into mediocrity -- and you can quote me on thatone.

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