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Moral Obligation & Responsibility

Chances are you have seen some type of disturbance in your lifetime. Whether it was a bully picking on someone or a piece of trash on the ground, disturbances happen daily on several different levels. Some people address them and others wait or assume someone else will handle the situation.

This day and age we do have to choose our battles wisely, making sure not to endanger ourselves or others. So it is recommended that we analyze the situation and then decide if it is safe for us to act. Sometimes if the situation is dangerous then we need to contact the proper authorities, whether it is an ambulance, police, or fire unit. Don't assume that someone else has called or that someone else will handle it. Chances are there are several other people thinking along the same lines as you, but nobody takes action and places the call.

Nobody gets hurt from too many calls or reports to authorities, but people do get hurt when action is not taken. Every second counts and every second matters. So take that into consideration when you hesitate to make the call. Also put yourself in the shoes of the person you may be apt to help.

We have a moral responsibility to initiate a change in the world. Whether we think it is on a small or large scale does not matter. The truth is that every increment of change is a change towards bettering the world we live in.

If you see a piece of trash on the ground, if you can, pick it up. If you find someone's wallet, return it. If you see someone wanting to get in front of you in a line of traffic, allow it. Participate in the world you live in by responding to it and being active. All too often we turn our backs on the people involved around us. Or even worse, we don't accept our own personal moral responsibility. We assume other people will pick up for us or will cover our mishaps.

Think about your involvement in the world. Think about your daily consumptions. Are you conserving the environment or simply consuming? Think about what differences you can make on a personal level to enact a change. Become informed about products or foods you use. Get involved with organizations or causes that you believe in. Most important get your family involved too. It our responsibility to be aware of our surroundings and be aware of our involvement within those surroundings. Chances are you will discover each one of us has more power to make a change than we choose to exhibit.

Artist and Inspirational Author Heather J. Tait work and articles are displayed internationally. She is the founder of Silence Speaks International Artist Association and the Editor of Intrigue Magazine. Published books include, Making Your Purpose Your Business and Recognizing Unhealthy Relationships. Email: Silence Speaks

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