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My name is Smarty Jones -- Embracing Gods Glory

Our deepest fear us not that we are inadequate.Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyondmeasure. It is our light, not our darkness, thatmost frightens us?..We are born to manifest theglory of God that is within us?.And as we let ourown light shine, we unconsciously give otherpeople permission to do the same.

Nelson Mandela

Today more than ever we live in times of publicmurder via internet and the awareness of the dirtylittle secrets of wartime interrogation. Yet, thisweekend we as a country got a breathe of fresh airby watching a little horse letting go of hisinadequacy's and race around a dirt track lookingfor his one shot at Glory. If a nation is sohungry for winners by getting behind a horse namedSmarty Jones, then who are we not to embrace theGlory of God and share it with others?

Not long ago I read a quote in the book, "Jesus -Life Coach" that read, "Are you living your lifelike you only have six healthy months to live? Ianswered NO! and then I asked myself, why? Ididn't have an answer. Did I fear inadequacy? Ordid I fear, what if God blessed me beyond measure?Could I handle being in the spot light? Could Ilive up to the world's expectations of me or myexpectations of myself? I really don't think it'sour place to decide what we can handle and not,it's God's. Yet, it is our desire to live byFaith. The bible says, "with God who can beagainst us." Our feelings of inadequacy is justanother way of Satan trying to trick us intothinking we are not worthy of God's glory or evenliving a life full of happiness and love down hereon earth.

Smarty Jones is similar to the legend Sea biscuitin which the only thing both horses needed wassomeone to believe in them. We have that to withinus just waiting to be manifested. Jesus Christlives in us just waiting to shine. I challenge youthis week to not live your life in the dark, butembrace the Glory of God that glows within you.It's nothing to be frightened of. Who knows we mayonly have six healthy months to live, what are wegoing to do with them? Is your name Smarty Jonesor just another running around in circles with nogame plan in life? Who knows, by embracing God'sGlory someone may get behind you and follow youaround the track all the way to the cross.

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