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Get Out Of Your Own Way

One of the biggest obstacles to our self growth and personal development is.................ourselves!

No, make that THE biggest obstacle.

When we say that we want to make changes, but develop resistance and fear and in doing so an internal battle follows.

It's natural to feel scared and apprehensive when venturing into the unknown, but ultimately living within your comfort zone is all very safe, but not very life enhancing.

Taking risks can bring up a whole host of emotions. But what are e-motions? They are energy in motion. They are the stories we tell ourselves, that's all. What's the difference in feeling scared or excited? Only our interpretation.

Life makeover programmes are very popular in the UK at the moment. The whole theme behind the programmes is that people take risks: in getting back or starting the dating game, clearing their clutter (and all the emotional stuff that they've been hanging onto), change jobs and even being coached within six weeks to do something completely different.

A Barrister is coached to become a DJ, A Choirgirl becomes a rock musician. A Radiographer becomes a commercial photographer and fooling the experts who don't realise that they are "novices".

The most moving part of the program is the follow up - often a year later - where the program catches up with the risk takers and find that, as a result of this, their lives have changed immeasurably. Their self perception, self esteem, confidence and overall outlook on life and what they are capable of has changed forever.

Are you avoiding taking risks? Have you got into a rut? Try setting yourself a goal of taking one small (or large - if you're up for it - some people can only get excited and motivated if they've set themselves a BIG challenge) risk for yourself, every week, month, year and follow through.

See what happens. Engage or enlist encouragement and support if you want. But DON'T tie yourself or become overly concerned with the outcome, just taking the risk is enough. Reward yourself appropriately after you've done so.

Our risk taking abilities are like muscles, the more we use them, the stronger we become and fear loses its grip on our lives. The fear never goes away as you take more risks, but it does stop defining your life. Fear is only an indicator that you are growing - it's not meant to stop you in your tracks!

So get out of your own way and stop resisting the changes that you want to make and the risks you are going to take.

Because ultimately.............daring to dream and living a fulfilled life is the biggest risk of all!

Copyright 2004 Julie Plenty

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Julie Plenty is a Personal and Business Coach who specialises in coaching self employed creative professionals to live more creative, fulfilled lives. To sign up for the Life Design newsletter visit:

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