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Clicking to Good Vibrations!

Recently my dad visited me in Victoria, BC. He is THE most appreciative person I know!

While we were out shopping one day, I insisted upon stopping at one place and then another and another--intensly searching for a specific item. Finally, I found it at Staples--it's a metal counter. You know, one of those metal things that you can 'click' to help you keep track of the number of items you are counting. People counting stock in a store often use them.

When we got into the car, my dad looked quite bewildered and asked, "What are you EVER going to do with that?"

To which I replied, "Do you remember that double rainbow we saw this morning? Well, [click, click]."

"And do you remember how the sun was shining while it rained and the rain looked like silver tinsle? Well, [click, click]!"

My dad caught on right away! And for the rest of his visit one of us would appreciate something and say, "You'd better give that a 'click'."

Each time we gave something a click we would laugh or smile and joke about how many 'clicks' we had gathered that day. People watching us may have thought we were drunk--we were drunk with joy!

One afternoon, my dad began to talk about an unpleasant memory. As I began to enter into his vibration he stopped me and said, "We'd better drop this subject or we'll loose two 'clicks'!" Oh, we laughed as we realized how a simple little object could raise our vibration so wonderfully that we DARED not loose a single 'click'.

Dad has gone back to Dallas, Texas now. And he is telling all his friends about the "AC"--not air conditioning--the Appreciation Counter.This is something you must experience to fully appreciate!=. It's the best $12.00 I've spent in a long time.

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Rebecca Hanson, Master LOA Coach-Rebecca Hanson has been out of the workforce for 30 years, raising a large family, when she discovered the Law of Attraction. At an age when most people are thinking about retirement, Rebecca was just getting started. In five short years, she leveraged this powerful law to turn her life around and start seven successful businesses. Rebecca teaches others how to harness the Law of Attraction so they, too, can have careers that are profitable, exciting and rewarding.

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