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Control Your Own Destiny

"You cannot control what happens to you, but you can control your attitude toward what happens to you, and in that, you will be mastering change rather than allowing it to master you."
-Brian Tracy

In order to make choices that may change your destiny, you must first know yourself and what you are creating moment by moment. What you do in the present moment brings you closer to being in command of your destiny. When you focus on past experience and the knowledge you've gained from school, work, society, economic, and spiritual training, you can begin to know yourself.

Human nature is created so that you can choose your destiny, and then control it. The key is to be one of the few who know where you are going and exactly how to get there. To do this, you must realize that life is changeable. With each change along the way you develop experience. You enrich your learning.

Since your life is always in a constant state of creating and developing, you create your own story by choosing the direction you want it to take. With any one decision, you can change your destiny. You have the power to do this: it is called making choices. Without it you'd just be following the masses and letting others control your destination.

The repetition of certain thoughts also plays a huge part in determining your destiny. This is why it's most important to be aware of what and how you think. Some thoughts that may bear repeating include:

  • To always show positive feelings toward others. Negative thoughts and feeling are limiting.
  • To know you're smart even if it takes you a little longer to understand a point.
  • To know that failures can lead to success.
  • To welcome problems ? they are learning tools.
  • To know that there is untapped skill and creativity in everything you attempt.
  • To remember that God put you on earth to win.
  • To know that prosperity comes to those who believe it will happen.
  • That giving quality service to your customers may result in a quantity of customers.
  • To know that valuing your own self and making a commitment to excellence is worth striving for.
  • To treat others with respect and kindness is a measure of your spirituality.

And as you keep these thoughts uppermost in your mind, you have the power to be guided by them. Yet, just knowing without thinking how you respond to life is the art of self-awareness and living in the present moment. Being aware of each moment is a part of your true being

Other ways to measure the power of your thoughts is to limit any thoughts that are non-productive. Some of these non-productive thoughts may include:

  • Feeling guilty when you say, "No." Refusing to cater to the demands of others is not a selfish act. Saying, 'yes, when you mean 'no' may cause resentment.'
  • Feeling 'stupid' when you don't understand something - Rather then make a mistake when instructions are not clear, don't be afraid to ask for clarification. This is a sign of good judgment.
  • Thinking that everything you do is solely your own doing. Be confident and have enough faith to know that your life is guided by a higher power. This confirms your spirituality.
  • Ignoring opportunities to change - Growth comes with change. Life is a constant state of change. Be ready for any worthwhile challenge or opportunity to grow.
  • Worrying - Some of the best opportunities are missed when you worry and procrastinate until the opportunity has come and gone. Learn to be decisive. What's the worst possible scenario? How hurt would you feel if you missed a great opportunity?

Whatever you do, and wherever you are in life, pay attention to your thoughts. Any sign of negativity, anger, fear, or procrastination is harmful. Get rid of biased opinions. Be open to other ways of thinking. Make the best of your thoughts and your thoughts will make the best you.

Then, let your new founded self-awareness lead you to a life where you are free to choose and to control your own dreams and goals. That's your destiny.

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