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Universal Thought Systems Language Part 2

Before we are able to use the Universal Thought System in a positive expansive manner, we must learn to use certain words in our language more effectively. The prime characteristic of the Universal Thought System is its consistency. It may not be used to manipulate. It may not be used to gain an advantage. It treats everyone equally. It eliminates the negative side of opposites. Why is this Universal Language so critical to our progress? In our thoughts and actions, we either seek idols or we seek truth. When we find the truth all our answers are provided. Truth contains all answers to every problem. Truth has always existed and will always exist. Our beliefs and feelings color our truth. They act as filters between our truth and our illusions.

If absolute truth is discovered, the filters disappear. In truth there is only love. In love there is only truth. There is no need for filters. The use of keywords help to reveal the path to truth. They clear the filters. They clarify our perceptions. They reduce the effects of our illusions. We discover peace and joy. What are some of the keywords that make up our Universal Thought System Language? In a series of ezines we will list and define some of the keywords in the Universal Thought System Language. The first words are listed and defined below:

The only time that intersects with eternity is the present. Now, is the only time that is real. The past is only a memory. The future has not arrived. Therefore, the more often we can focus our mind in the present, the better we can manifest what we want in the future. When we focus in the present our energy is more concentrated. We are connected. When our thoughts are on the past or on the future we are not connected.

We are all one. We are made of the same stuff. We are Universal Energy. Our thoughts travel though the oneness that we are. This is part of the explanation of why what we give is what we receive. Through our thoughts what we give to others we give to ourselves. We can not see our oneness because it is masked bythe separation in our individual lives.

Our beliefs, along with our feelings, are the filters and conductors that modify the energy passing through us. They behave much like resistors, capacitors, and transistors behave in electrical circuits. They modify the electrical current thatpasses through them to achieve the goals that we really can accept. They protect us from an oversupply of energy. The particular circuit created by the series of beliefs that a person holds accounts for much of their uniqueness. Beliefs provide protection from what our minds can not yet accept.

When we think it is very important to be aware of what we feel. Feelings communicate the positive or negative energy in our thoughts. When we communicate inwardly to access universal energy, our feelings can either aid or interfere. If we feel negative about what we are communicating those feelings will interfere. If we feel positive about what we are communicating the feelings will aid the communication. The feelings are very easy to detect and to evaluate. Most often, they are right in the pit of our stomachs.

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