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Dolphin Figurines evoke images of wild dolphins: How Do Dolphins Communicate?

Researchers are seeking to identify how dolphins communicate. Unfortunately it is like ancient history, once we can decipher the basic 'words' we think we have the message. However, ancient civilizations left us artifacts, buildings, religious and other rituals of life to enable us to deduce more meaning from what was written.

Dolphins by comparison live without possessions. All we have to study are their activities and sounds.

Much of the research that we know about dolphins is done on captive dolphins in small holding ponds. Noted researcher Liz Hawkins, recently on ABC TV Australia, has shown that dolphins modify their sound frequency in small ponds.

Low frequency sounds travel long distances underwater and can reflect off the sides of the tanks many times, actually causing hearing damage. Consequently, the dolphins 'change their tune' and do more high frequency sounds, out of our auditory range! She showed the same to be true in large bays where boating activities are high.

In comparison with this objective information, many of us have had subjective experiences of dolphins. These have so much in common, regardless of race, culture or physical capability. Dolphins communicate with us through feelings, intellect and acoustic imagery. The result is that people experience a lightness: perhaps joy; an openheartedness, perhaps love and a playfulness that is infectious.

All great leaders/ healers infect us with their qualities and we seek to be like them, even when they are not there. Aren't dolphins doing something similar when they infect us with openhearted love, joy and playfulness? We certainly remember our experience long after the event and seek to repeat it in other parts of our lives. Is this not a form of leadership?

Use the strength of your subjective experiences with dolphins, real or imagined. It is a powerful force for infectious healing. Place it within your dolphin figurine and adopt your affirmation with vigor and enjoy new energy and opportunity!

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Rosemary has an e store with dolphin gifts and affirmations. She and her husband are seeking to expand the experiences of others to include the personally experienced qualities we associate with dolphins.

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