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Letting Go and Letting Be

In Corrogue it is frosty.

The earth is hard and unyielding. This reminds me of how our hearts often become. They become cold and we ourselves become frosty. The flow of our energy is blocked. "The soft animal of our body" which is mostly water becomes hard, unmoving and unyielding. Then we enter "times of trouble."

These words "Times of trouble" are from the beautiful song penned by Paul McCartney entitled "Let it Be." This song goes as follows:-

"When I find myself in times
of trouble
Mother Mary comes to me
Speaking words of wisdom,
"Let it Be."

Often when we find ourselves in "times of trouble" the last thing we want to do is "let it be." We want it to be fixed. We want it not to be the way it is right now. We are like Brer Rabbit who fights with the Tar Baby. The more we fight the more entangled we become.

One of the greatest lessons in life is the lesson of "letting it be." This is a lesson from the energy of the Divine feminine. In this song the energy of the Divine feminine is represented by Mother Mary. It could as well be any other wondrous representation of the Divine feminine. In China it might be Quan Ying. In Ireland it might be St Bridget. In Tibet it might be the Goddess Tara. In all times and all cultures she comes to those in trouble if they are willing to receive her wisdom.

Often in times of trouble we are the ones who create our own trouble.

We have not learned the art of non-attachment. This is a great art. It is a lifetimes practice in the avoidance of suffering. In the West we think non-attachment means non-feeling. Essentially it means focused disinterest. It does not mean you do not care. You can care greatly but be detached from the outcome. Do the best you can do and then "let be" and "let go."

Detachment allows for love in action.

This is allowing the free flow of the energy of your body to express in the way it needs. Detachment requires trust and deeper trust. It is the surrender of any outcome to the grace of the Beloved. You simply do not get entangled in the way something turns out. In the vast scheme of things how are you to know.

If you worry you attract worry. If you are anxious you attract anxiety. You are a channel for the energy that you put out. We create your own world. We are all fields of energy vibrating in a vast network of eternal energy. This is the eternal energy of love. We call this by the name God, Goddess, or maybe Universal mind. It doesn't matter what you call it as it is only "what it is."

Often in "times of trouble" we do not allow the answers to come to us. The heart has hardened and the flow of wisdom of the Divine feminine is blocked. Mother Mary is there waiting. Quan Yin is waiting. The Goddess Tara is there waiting. They are always there waiting. It is part of our journey to "be open." We learn to "let go" and "let God."

Our journey in life is to learn to know who we are.

There is a paradox here. We learn to know who we are by knowing who and what we are not. We give up identifying with all that we are not. When we let go of who we think we are the Blessing is here. We stop losing our life's energy. We stop trying so hard to make what is already alright be all right. We stop losing life by refusing to save "our life."

Letting it be is an insult to the ego.

It is affronted by the idea that when something is wrong it should not take control. We are simply required to do what we can do without attachment to results. When we trust the universe we are essentially trusting in ourselves. The deeper the trust the deeper the connection to all there is. The deeper the trust the less trouble you will be in.

You begin to know and trust, "What will be will be." You begin to trust in your ability to co-create. You are as a hollow bamboo and love plays her song through your allowing heart. You become a co-creator of love in action. This is not "your love" but the play of the Beloved through you.

This is wisdom. It is not the wisdom of the ego. Wisdom and ego are separate. Wisdom is. It does not belong to "little me." It is a free flow of knowing. It is allowing the wisdom of the soft animal of your body to do what it loves.

This wisdom comes from the free flow of energy in the body. It is your body of wisdom that flows freely unfrozen by resentment, bitterness, anger, or hatred. These are the energies that block our life force and cause us to be "not at ease." Wisdom is the refinement of all these "grosser" forms of energy. The word "gross" in this sense is used by way of description and is not to be considered a judgement.

We often need to express such energies in a safe and caring environment. Such energies are not to be condemned. They are to be given freedom of expression so "the soft animal of your body" can be in balance again. We need to find our personal Mother Mary's or our personal Soul Friend or Friends who will be before us in our "times of trouble" and allow us to "let it be."

Their gift to us is non-judgement, non-attachment and non-doing. They sit with your soul. Sometimes they appear fierce because they are not out to flatter your ego but to keep your feet on the path of this journey into love. They teach you the alchemy of transformation. They teach you that you are forever enough. They teach you to "let it be," "let it go" and "let it God."

They teach you that the Blessing is already here and that you are it. This requires you to know who you are by giving up your attachment to all you are not. You surrender all you think you are and maybe one time you will be amazed. You will be amazed at how beautiful and wondrous you are beyond the prison of ego.

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