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Discover How To Make The Success Generating Imagination Work For You

The secret power of positive thinkers is theirfaith. And this faith is the power of God workingthrough their imagination. A sparked imaginationis a sacred channel through which God performshis great projects.

How can you make your imagination work for you?

1. Pick a goal.

Positive thinkers are people who believe insetting goals for personal achievement. Almost, at first inception, these goals, are unrealistic.But the positive thinker inuitively knows thatnothing is impossible until he stops settinggoals.

Make up your mind that goal setting is absolutelynecessary. Goals give meaning to living. Goalsare necessary to motivate you. They are essentialto really keep you alive. "Not having a goal ismore to be feared than not reaching a goal."

2. Imagine a variety of possible ways to reachyour goal.

You should have at least three or more possibleways to reach your goal before you plunge.Whatever your goal may be, draft a possibilitylist of ways in which you could concievably reachyour desired objective.

3. Get fear out of your imagination.

Don't let fear push you down. It is amazing howfear will creep in as you begin to imagineyourself moving forward in an enterprise. Onceyou have created a noble goal in your mind youmust discipline your thinking, prohibiting thatfear from making his entrance into youimagination. It is amazing what fears can rise andnone rises more quickly than the fear of failure.Think: " I would rather attempt to do somethinggreat and fail than attempt to do nothing andsucceed !"

If you are tempted to fear that you might notmake your goals, remember this: "Not failure butlow aim is a crime."

Fear nothing more than fear itself.

4. Imagine yourself getting started.

The hardest part of any job is getting started.It requires very little to begin something big.The first sale is always the hardest. The oddsare great that if you will begin, you willachieve. For, positive ideas are immortal. Even ifyour dream seems impossible, begin!

Begin by writing your idea on paper. Sketch animpression of what you hope to build or the nameof the business you hope to launch.

5. Imagine goals beyond your goals.

The positive thinker holds goals beyond his goalsin the back of his imagination. He realizes thathe must never be caught in a position where he"arrives" and "weeps" because he has no moreworlds to conquer. Challenge and achievement arethe very ebb and flow of the tide of life.Without challenge and achievement we are livingas dead men. When you catch up with your goalsyou are in trouble.

What are you hunting for? A job? An education?A marriage? A business? Whatever it is, youwill never succeed at anything until you turnyour imagination loose and imagine success at it.There are opportunities all around you!

Imagination is the power of the universe.

Fernando Soave 2003

Fernando Soave
Editor and Publisher

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