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Love Thy Neighbor

I would like to take a moment to write about our neighbors. We all have them. They could live right next door to you or miles away. We all still have them. The bible quotes, you should love your neighbor as yourself. I was always taught from a very, yong age to help and respect your neighbors and people in general. Back in the old days people depended on the help of their neighbors and you could always depend on them in return. I am pretty lucky to have the neighbors I have. I am surrounded by good people. I would like to think I have also been a good neighbor.Where I live now, I am surrounded by people, living in an apartment really puts you up close and personal to everyone who lives around you.

There are some people that live around me that I don't know at all, then there are acquaintances and people I only know in passing. then there are people who are the epitome of what good neighbors should be. Then again there are others who crossed that bridge between neighbor and friend. Now of course in every situation you can have your trouble makers who it seems that there soul purpose in life is to know everyone' s business and spread it around, adding some onto it as it is being told.

I think there are a few simple rules to follow in being a good neighbor. I will share that with you all now. For one, treat your neighbor as you expect to be treated, have respect and show it, be helpful especially to children and the elderly, do not spread gossip, it usually isn't true, don't start rumors, keep your disagreements to your selves, without involving everyone else, rumors can be very damaging to ones character and reputation, why do you think we have this nice little law called..defamation of character? Discipline your own children and leave mine to me, I personally don't like it when someone else tries to tell my kids what to do and how to behave. And when other people try to control my child. Most kids have their own parents, they wouldn't be living her if they didn't. When approaching someone about an issue, do it in a kind and respectful way, as you would wish it be brought to you. Don't be accusing when doing it. When someone has a suggestion for you don't get defensive and angry right off the bat, be open to what is being said. It is a lot easier to work out if you don't get upset right a way. Don't constantly involve your landlord in petty arguments, we are all adults it is time to act like it. Have respect for the ones who do your upkeep and maintenance, they have a lot of people to please, not just you. Be appreciative when someone does offer help, don't think they are just being nosy.

I think you get the jist of what I am saying. I have had people knock on the door to use my phone, to borrow this or that, even money. Sometimes they knock just to talk, and I have done the exact things to them. I love helping if I can I will do it, if not I will try my best to find someone who might be able to help. I am very thankful for the neighbors I have and thankful for the wonderful friends I have made. Thanks to all of my neighbors, and God Bless Ya.

Vaughn Pascal

To: God and Jesus; Thank you.

To: Bub; I love you.

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