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Overcoming Addiction

Dear Candace,

I am having trouble letting go of an over the counter addiction and smoking. I really need the Holy Spirit to guide me and strengthen me so I can overcome these things. ~ Shari

"Greetings and blessings to you precious one. To want to give up the addictions you are speaking of is, of course, the first and biggest step. To know that there are things that you are doing that are not serving you is the most important awareness that can happen to shift addictions. At the same time it creates pain because you suddenly become aware that this is not something that is serving you, and yet you are still doing it. There is a time lag between the awareness that what you are doing is causing you pain and the inability to stop doing it. Know that once you get to the other side, there will be tremendous peace, and yet you can still have peace in this process knowing that your awareness has taken you to the first and the biggest step in changing something you are unhappy with.

"There will be a time when these addictions will be behind you and you will have the blessing of addiction in your experience and the strength and the confidence that comes from overcoming it. You will then be able to encourage and inspire others as well. This transition period is painful, confusing, paradoxical, and at the same time exciting and door opening.

"It is important to be patient, to be loving, and to be kind and accepting with yourself right now. Battling, fighting, and abusing yourself to give up something such as an addiction is not the best way, although it is often the most common way. Be patient and kind and know that for you, the more that you love yourself, the more you can let go of these things that do not serve you.

"Spend time each day consciously noticing yourself, admiring yourself, loving yourself, thinking about what it is about you that you like, that makes you special, that you want to share with others, and that you wish others knew about you. Focus on those things and experience them within your heart and mind. Experience the love that you have for yourself. You do have tremendous love within you, though for you it is just buried, confused, and doubtful at times. Underneath all of that, there is a very deep and abiding love that you have for you. That love is what will carry you through this process.

"The more you love you, the more you cannot do the things that do not serve you. The more you love you, the less room there is for anything other than that which is good. Spend more time loving you and there will be less room for these addictions. It is truly that simple. Eventually, you will run out of room within you to do those things that do not serve you. Love yourself and have faith that this day is coming.

"Blessings to you precious one, Amen."

Inspired by A Course in Miracles, Candace Doyle has been hearing and sharing the Voice of the Holy Spirit within her as a discernible, conversational Voice for over 10 years. Her spiritual advice column, Advice From Within, shares this small, still Voice with others in their times of need. Candace and her husband, DavidPaul, are also the authors of The Journey That Never Was, a guide to hearing God's Voice regardless of one's faith, religion, or personal beliefs. For more information, please visit their website at

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