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How to Use the Ebb and Flow of Life to Your Advantage

Are you overwhelmed with so many activities you don't know where to start?

Are you always in a hurry but seem to getnowhere?

Do you find yourself in a state of perpetual over-drive?

Do you constantly feel tired?

Perhaps it's time to take inventory of your life.

But how?

Here is an excerpt written in the early 1900's by an author who has very wise words about thismodern day problem. Apparently this problem is notexclusive to our times.

This author makes reference to life being like the ocean'swaves: incoming waves and outflowing waves.

"Through all creation runs the same ebb and flow,ebb and flow, which you can see in the ocean. Itis the life-pulse of creation. And there is in it pulse -the long ebb and flow of spring and fall, the short ebb and flow at your own wrist. Just so there arelong spiritual spring-flows and fall-ebbs, and there are the short daily ones you can easily feel. And there are infinitely smaller ones of which you arenot yet conscious, but to which you subconsciouslyrespond. The spiritual tides of the One-Power flow in all veins. We feel them, and respond, but we as yet only dimly understand."

"But where we cannot understand we may trust.As I wandered in the wilderness of "ups and downs,"as I descended from Transfiguration Mounts to deepValleys of Shadows, and then asceded again, and yet was never quite lost, I learned more and more how to trust; until in time I came to KNOW that 'all things work together for good' to those whowork with them."

"All nature works, and then rests; works and rests.I caught its rhythm and worked and rested with it.When I felt that inertia stealing over me, I rested;and while resting my power recuperated - the tide rose in me."

I truly believe the secret to a fulfilling life is to findyour balance. For this, one of the things you must practice is listening to what yourbody tells you. If you're tired, then you may needto take time-out to unwind: read a book, meditate,take an hour off from your hectic schedule anddo something relaxing, like taking a bubble bath ora short nap.

When you see your life in synchrony with nature then it is much easier to go with the ebb and flow ofeverday living.

I hope this helps you to come more in contact withyourself and take the time to smell the roses!

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To your ever growing success,

Romy Macias

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