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The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Whoever coined this phrase is a genius.Life finds ways to dish out exactly this- the good the bad and the ugly. At times all in one day.

Optimists tend to see the good, the beautiful and the positive. Let the negativities slide off, likea drop of water on a waxed surface. Let it go.Life is too short to spend in misery. Believe in the power of positive thinking.

This is good.

Pessimists find fault in everything, even in themselves.Nothing is right, no matter how hard they try, they are not getting anywhere in this life. They see no beauty in this world, much less in their relationships.

They are unlucky, no matter how hard they try,nothing works for them. They wallow in the world of negativities, they sink deep into their misery. They feel forsaken and forgotten. No one cares for them.

This is bad and ugly.

Who has not had moments of the good, the bad and the ugly?No one is perfect. The beauty of life lies in itsunpredictability, its impermanence , yet life offers opportunities. It is ours for the taking. But, inaction will bear no fruits.

Change is part of life, it embraces all aspectsof life- physical/ material, mental, emotional,intellectual and spiritual. It's how we respondand react to changes that define what wehave learned from life.

Change can be bad and ugly, but,lessonslearned,can make life beautiful.Loss andgrief are stepping stones to go a notchhigher, to reach deeper within. Grab the chance to re-assess, re-evaluate and react to the changes that follow loss and grief.There is something good that can come outof what's bad and ugly.

Imperfections tend to be universal, not definedby race, creed or social status. As we go throughthis life, we start to accumulate emotional baggage.

We meet demons that haunt us, at times very ugly.

Somewhere deep in the psyche is the innerchild that begs to be acknowledged, so that onecan move on. This can cast an ugly shadow. Confront it, acknowledge it, deal with it. Bring out the good that will surely benefit you, allows you to move on freely and do away with hang-ups.

Sometimes, life takes us to a masquerade. Wewear masks, suited for any occasion. Peel off thelayers of hypocrisy, get rid of the many masks that cover or hide the real you.

These are bad and ugly.

Listen to yourself, be more aware of yourthoughts, give yourself a few minutes eachday to re-align your thoughts with thebrighter side of life. Feel the inner peace.Savor it.

Let the good in you shine forth andmake a difference in this world.


Bonnie Moss writes about new age topics-tarot, crystals,aura, charms and spells, angels and more. She also writesinspirational and motivational subjects.Her articles are published on several ezines.Check out her website:

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