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Are You Tired of Being Stuck?

All you want is a little more.

More money, more love, more fun, more friends.

So what happens when we don't get what we want, when the flow slows down or even stops?

You get mad, sad and unhappy.

You blame the president, the country, the war, your mother, father, husband, wife, child, co-worker,Anyone we can think of, even the driver of that car who passed you on the freeway.

You find yourself stuck.

Stuck in the anger, stuck in the resentment, stuckin the fear of what will happen now. You are stuckbecause there is no flow. As soon as you get angry orresentful or critical, the flow shuts down.

So you attract more stuckness. Then you start defending your stuckness. Stop.

Stop defending your stuckness. The reason you defendyour stuckness position is because you want to be right about who you are and what you do. Being rightthen becomes resistance. Being in resistance puts you in that rut of stuckness. A vicious circle.

The only way out of the rut, the only way to increasethe flow of anything is to forgive.

Forgiveness is the process that opens the flow.

Forgiveness lets your guard down from defendingyour position. To let your guard down is the best place to be if you want more of anything in your life.

If you are stuck, there is no flow, and you aresomeplace you do not want to be, there is somethingyou can do.

If you want to be in another place or feel anotherfeeling or act another action, I have a secret.

The secret is forgiveness - really.

Forgiveness gets you off your position of being right.

Because your stuckness is really about being right.

When you are right about something, you think youare in total absolute control. When others defy yourposition by criticizing you or not giving you that contract you worked so hard to get and think youdeserve, you become stuck.

This stuckness, this resistance, stops the flow of anything, good or bad, from coming to you.

You are so stuck that you cannot think of a way outor a new direction.

Forgiveness stops you for a minute. This stop allowsthe flow of activity, of something other than righteous resistance.

Here is a simple, effective, clear way to get unstuck.

Start by making a list of all the people you have anyissues with, or a feeling about, or a criticism of.

Maybe they did cut you off on the freeway.Maybe they didn't keep their word to you.Maybe they lied.Maybe they didn't hire you for that job.

Check out the following example.

Trudy was supposed to meet you for lunch. She oftencanceled on previous occasions. You hoped this timewould be different. It wasn't. She not only didn't show up, she called at the very last minute to say she was still an hour away. No real regret, just sorry. So, what did you do? Let us say you becameresentful and argued with her and told her off.

What did this accomplish? You really didn't feel better. All this argument did was remind you of all the othertimes she stood you up. This reminder created morememories of when others kept you waiting. You now goback in time to recall numerous similar situations.

Again, you are stuck, you get angry and upset withalmost every little perceived slight. If you are stuck, the goodness that you want, the more of what you wantwill no longer flow.

Forgive Trudy. Really.

Get out your journal and write the following:

? I forgive Trudy for all the times she stood me up.

? I forgive Trudy for making me feel angry.

? I forgive Trudy for making me feel stuck.

You can start to feel your body changing. You have just created an opening, an opportunity for the the flow to begin.

? I appreciate Trudy for all of who she is.

? I appreciate myself for accepting Trudy as she is.

Okay, maybe you are not totally accepting of Trudy,yet, but just the saying of it will open your valves.

The more often you forgive everyone who youthink has lied to you, ignored you, stood you up or did not keep their word to you, the flow will begin.Keep that journal out and continue to forgive everyoneon that list. Take the time for this exercise each andevery day until the flow begins.

Let forgiveness keep you on your path of unstuckness.

Let the flow of more money, more love, more fun, and more friends begin.


Joanne Victoria is the author of Lighting Your Path! How To Create the Life you Want - order here! speaks to organizations and associations about achieving more and still staying true to whoyou really are.Tel: 415-491-1344

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Joanne Victoria, owner of New Diorections in Sausalito, CA, is the author of Lighting Your Path! How To Create the Life you Want and her new book: Vision with a Capital V? - Achieve More in Your Business and Personal LIfe. Joanne works with entrepreneurs, small business owners, professional practice owners and independent professionals who want to achieve more and still remain true to who they really are. Joanne speaks to organizations and associations about achieving more and still staying true to whoyou really are. 415-491-1344

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