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The Memorable First Days!

The first few hours in this world, when we as babies drop out to mingle with the natural beauty and wonders, the first day in our life is the most important day of our life.

Don't we all have these memorable first days in our life?

Ask a philatelist and he or she will say how memorable the first days are, to them. The first day coins, first day stamps and the first day covers. They are all of paramount importance.

The child joining pre-school has a jittery first day. The start from home as happy as a bird because everything is new, new dress, new shoes and socks, new books, new bag etc. When the child reaches school and leaves the parents' hands and goes inside the classroom, the yelling, screaming, and howling inside the classroom, the jittery feeling and perhaps the compulsion to cooperate with the peer the child starts crying at the top of the voice and starts vomiting and add to the commotion. The first days are spent with his new friends, and then back home. This first day remains in one's memory forever.

Leaving school and joining the university for graduation turns to be yet another climb. The first day in the University is memorable because it is a day when realization dawns that he has matured from a boy to a man or a girl to a woman!

There are many other first days. The first day of dating for a teenager, the first day you fall in love, the first day of marriage, the first day you fight with your girl/boyfriend and wife/husband. And for women, the first day of motherhood! She feels that her womanhood is complete only on becoming a mother.

There is yet another aspect in a first day. The moulding of our career when we are ignorant of what future has in store for us, and the first day in office when we meet a new set of people.

I am sure we all have these cranky first days, funny first days and sometimes even sad.

Don't we all?

HPriya Sivan

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