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The Tiniest of Gladiators

I stared into those biggest of navy blue eyes and felt the power ofhis fighting spirit, despite the pain and week long raging fever. Mostof the time my heart was in my throat and my mind was awash withcounter-productive thoughts like, "why him?" and "this isn't fair!"

This wasn't helping him to be sure (my daughter was much strongerthan I), but in spite, he not only survived the arduous ordeal, but heemerged the victor!

I am talking about my infant grandson, Corbin Nicolas, clobberedwith a serious infection of the lymph glands. This tiniest ofgladiators toughed out what few adults could have and not onlyamazed his wonderful pediatrician and hospital staff, but I feelprofoundly and positively impacted them.

My precious bundle of joy is not a superhuman little being. He issimply a child, like any other, who knows no different than to fightthe fight and win!

Now I ask you: what if YOU knew NO other way than to just go outand win? Well, that's how the true achievers of this world think 24hours a day, 7 days a week. Further, it is the lack of this thinkingprocess that is most often the sole difference between success andfailure.

When failure is perceived as a possibility, it will most likely becomeyour reality. However, when we envision success as the onlyoption, just as natural as gravity itself, success is achieved. Notwithout sacrifice. Not without setbacks. And certainly not withoutpain. But, it IS achieved!

Personally, and most probably, I'm at least an entry-levelworkaholic with enough Virgo perfectionism to allow my thinking tostray off course at times. My stress level rises, my thinkingpatterns disintegrate and I become unfocused. Suddenly, myforward motion is slowed, halted or even reversed.

I was in such a tailspin when the call came from my daughter thatsomething was terribly wrong with Corbin. Of course, business justdidn't matter at that point, but it was through this trauma and "in"someone who has been on this planet more than 90 times lessthan me, and who knew no different than to "just do it!", that I foundmy way again.

Corbin was released from the hospital after his ten-day fight, betterthan new and all the stronger in both body and soul.

Look, I'm not a preachy person (most of the time anyway), butevery now and then we all need a wake up call to remind us of thevery simple laws that propel our universe. And I received mine soclose to home and in a circumstance that had absolutely nothingto do with the entrepreneurial spirit, but everything to do with thehuman spirit.

I learned my lesson through the eyes of a child.

© Rick Beneteau

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