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Life is what happens to you, while you are making other plans. ( John Lennon )

Truly, I think life has no surety. Whenever, we want to do something there is a new happening every time.

Let us take an example of an "Old Traveler"; a traveler does not know where will be his next destination. On every step, he thinks about his next step. While he was planning about his one step, a new step is on the way. In this way, he just walks and walks and suddenly his planning stops. Because, his life stops. His life ends while he was making plans to reach the destination.

One fact which I have learned about life is that one must plan his better life. One must think about the ways to get the sources to build a better life but he must not think that he will certainly get all of these sources.

He must take into account the hardships. I met many people and more than 60% peoples are those who think about the facilities which they would get by getting their destination. This is not the "Rule of Nature".

What the "Rule of Nature" tells?

It tells about more hardships than facilities. Whenever you take into account the life of some great peoples. It will show you the same truth.

Nature wants to show us the truth. It wants us to work more to get something. But not to be sure to get the results after work. This is the Nature's Rule.

Take the example of the "Leonardo da Vinci", he did a lot of work, he made so much plans, he made maps to get a better life. But he died when many of his maps were not made in real life.

This must not dishearten you. We must do hard work to get results.

On taking survey, you can check that more than 80% peoples who work hard to get something; they get that.

In this respect also, you can take into account Leonardo's life.

Mona Lisa
Though in his life he didn't get so much fame but after his life he is still living among us in the form of "Mona Lisa" (One of his famous paintings). Is this the fact or not?

Similarly, "Einstein" is living among us. Yes, he is still living among us.

See!!; you can find him in the form of his works.

Because he works and do something. He is still teaching in every school, college and university in the form of "Light" and " Energy"

Is this a fact or not?

There are two things to aim at in life: first, to get what you want; and after that, to enjoy it. Only the wisest of mankind achieve the second.

Logan Pearsall Smith (1865?1946), U.S. writer.

Afterthoughts "Life and Human Nature" (1931).

(Student of B-Pharmacy final proff. -

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