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H-U-G-S -------The More You Give----The More You Get!

How many of us couldn't use a hug on a daily basis----------well, when you get out of bed as part of your daily practice in the morning wrap your arms around yourself and just say "Good Morning----What a Great Day to be Alive!!!!"

Your goal for the week --------if you choose to accept it--- is to try to hug at least 10 people per day. You might just start with 5 but see if you can increase it to 10----it is kind of like working out but instead of developing your physical body you are developing the emotional part of yourself. I do not know anyone who does not enjoy a hug--------it just makes a closer connection on a different level rather than just shaking hands.

When I meet people and they put their hand out, I usually tell them I am a "Hugger" and ask if I can give them a Hug. You will be able to notice how comfortable people are with hugging by the following:

The A-Frame Hug----
It is the person who will just allow you to
hug from the shoulders, and keeps large spaces
between your bodies----like the letter "A".

The Teddy Bear Hug----
Just a genuine hug that feels relaxed and
comfortable with very little space between
the two people----like you use to hug your
"Teddy Bear"--it makes you happy and playful.

The Spiritual Hug-----
A hug where you greet each other in a
comfortable manner---breathe deeply
a couple of times to make an
inner connection and then separate.

What type of hugger are you? The more you practice the better you get. Start by hugging yourself and then at least 5 others per day and you will see how great you feel, and probably really make someone's day by making a connection. Remember------------------------ "A Hug a Day Keeps The Doctor Away!!!!!"

Fran Buckless has been a coach and educator for over 30 years. She has just started a newsletter, "All About Caring", on her website Her goal is to remind people that there is someone out there that cares about them and their needs. Fran comes from a spiritual background, and believes in helping others through a variety of ways. If you need a "pick me up" or something that will make you "think", read one of her articles. She is just like you, and will try to relate some of her experiences knowing that there are others who are going through the same thing. She is also committed to helping you find other people who come from integrity in a variety of fields-----people that you don't have to search for but can trust. If you like honesty, you will like what she has to write about. She is truly inspirational, and has a bigger heart than anyone I know.

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