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Thoughts Are Like Seeds - Are You Planting Flowers or Weeds?

"You can't harvest what you don't sow. So plant your desires, gently nurture them and they will be rewarded with abundance. " Vivian Elisabeth Glyck -12 Lessons on Life I Learned From My Garden.

Thoughts Are Like Seeds - Are You Planting Flowers or Weeds?

I especially love springtime. I enjoy walking around my neighborhood each day and marveling at all the colorful plants in bloom. I am rewarded each day with seeing blossoms that were not there the day before. Sometimes I see abandoned gardens where beautiful plants used to grow and now there are just weeds. It reminds me of life. If we do not tend our gardens (our lives), it doesn't mean that plants will not grow. What it does mean, however, is the wrong plants will grow.

Every thought we have is a seed being planted. We can either plants seeds that grow into bountiful flowers or we can plant seeds that grow into weeds. We are all gardeners in our own lives. Only what grows in each individual garden varies dramatically. Think of your mind as your garden. What types of seeds are you planting? Are you growing weeds of judgment, self-condemnation, scarcity or disharmony? Or is your garden (mind) full of blossoms of peace, abundance, love and harmony? Look at the sample list below. See if you recognize what you are planting in your garden.


I'll never make enough money.

Bad things always happen to me.

I always get sick.

I am too old (or young).

I'm not good enough.

I blame or resent others.

I am too fat (skinny, short, tall, wrinkled).


My life is blessed with growing abundance.

I am grateful for _________.

My body is healthy and strong.

I have a great life.

I am a unique person with special gifts.

I let go of the past & release all resentments.

My body serves me well.

Weeds pop up in each garden and it takes a diligent gardener to keep the weeds out. Certain plants (energizing thoughts) help smother out weeds. Over time, the more of these plants and seeds you sow, the less ground there is for the weeds to grow. Take a close look at your mental garden. Begin to pull out any limiting thoughts (weeds) and replace them with the opposite uplifting thoughts. Become your own diligent gardener starting now and continue until your garden is a showcase!

Copyright April 2004 by Vicki Miller

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