How To Make Money Online With A Newsletter

Many online internet marketers tell us "its all in the list"and many people lap up stories of guru's emailing thousandsin their online list and making a huge profit in theprocess. Actually you too can start your own email list andmake money from it as well. This article will highlight sixtips on how you can make more money from your own emaillist.

1.Have a paragraph to disclose something personal so as tocreate trust between yourself and your newsletter reader

Most people fail to realize that the reader of a newsletteris very much a person like you and me and they have emotionsand feelings and are not reading your newsletter purely forthe topic at hand but they need to trust you before they canpurchase stuff you recommend. A good way to create trust inyour newsletters is to add a personal touch to your emailswith some personal revelation that can connect you with yourreaders. The greater your readers trust you, the more likelythey will purchase the stuff that you recommend thus earningyou a commission in the process.

2.Spend time keeping up with your area of interest To beable to capture and keep your newsletter audience, it isimportant that you remain on top of your area of interest.Spending some time daily keeping up to date with your areaof interest by reading online news websites and onlinemagazines is a good way to keep up to date. When your tipsare current and effective, your readers will thank you andthis increases the chances of them telling their friendsabout your newsletter.

You might want to write some good articles on trends anddevelopments in your area as well and publish them inarticle directories and then refer to your own articles inyour newsletter so as to establish your credibility andauthority in your area of interest. The greater influencethat you hold over your newsletter readers would meangreater profits for you when you should choose to email thema special offer.

3.Answer your newsletter subscribers Many newsletterpublishers are very happy when their newsletter subscribersactually take the time to email them and ask them questions.This helps create trust and you can always grab a freetestimonial for your newsletter after you have successfullyhelped your newsletter reader.

On the other hand, ignoring your subscribers questions isdetrimental as you could see and increase in newslettersubscription opt out. So the simple solution is to take thetime replying to emails and questions posed to you.

4.Ensure your email newsletter gets delivered

Today with the proliferation of spam filters there are manyemails that are not getting through to their intendedreaders. There are a couple of solutions to this problem:

One of them involves putting your newsletter on your websiteand emailing your readers with just your link to yourwebsite to reduce your chances of your email getting caughtby the span filters.

Another method involves ditching the whole idea of email andusing direct to desktop readers. Your subscriber downloads adesktop reader and when your newsletter is ready forcollection, your desktop readers will then inform you.

With a greater delivery rate, you can see your profitsincrease exponentially.

5.Use attention grabbing headers

The really advanced affiliate marketers test everything andone of the things they do involves testing their headlines.The use of attention emotion stirring words tend to increasethe chances of your newsletter reader opening your email. Anexample would be in order here. "Secrets of wealthgeneration revealed in this issue of your Widgetnewsletter".

Your header therefore should invoke curiosity in the readerso that they open up your newsletter email and click to viewit. Obviously the more eyeballs you have reading your emailthe higher your profits are going to be.

6.Choose applicable affiliate programs

One simple way to make money from your email list is torecommend affiliate products that fit in with the theme ofyour list. So if your list deals with children education forinstance, you could recommend children education toys toyour list as a possible choice for a Christmas present.Always choose products that you have personally seen andconsider good. Treat your email list like gold and yourreaders will be very loyal and thank you for therecommendation.

In conclusion, making money with an email list is not thatdifficult but it takes effort and each step you take todaywill pay off richly in the future. By treating yournewsletter readers as your friends, they will be able totrust you and your recommendations and help you earncommissions when they do purchase what you tell them. Theworld of online internet marketing is ever expanding and youcan make some money with your email list today if you makethe effort to try.

By Joel Teo 2005 All Rights Reserved Globally

Joel Teo is a work at home business owner, the owner of several highly successful money making websites.

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