E-zine Promotion: 10 Smart Reasons To Charge A Fee For Your E-zine

You publish an e-zine, you may consider to startcharging a fee.

Here are some e-zine promotion reasons:

1. You will create residual income. For example, ifyou charge a monthly subscription fee, you will getrecurring income every month.

2. You won't have to spend all your time marketingto gain new subscribers. Just get and keep enoughsubscribers to reach your monthly income goal.

3. You can figure how many subscribers it'll taketo meet your income goal. Note on your ad thatyou'll only accept a limited number of subscribers.

4. You won't have any shipping or materials costslike offline subscription publications. You'll justhave your internet access and web site expenses.

5. You can sell back end or upsell products inside afee based subscription ezine. It could be your ownproducts or affiliate programs you've joined.

6. You can start an affiliate program that will givepeople residual commission. People will want to joinbecause it's residual instead of one time sales.

7. You could publish a free ezine and allow peopleto upgrade to your fee based ezine. If they like yourfree one, they'll likely subscribe to your paid ezine.

8. Your ad copy automatically builds itself into anorder pulling machine. Each issue you archive givesyou new benefits to add to your sales letter.

9. You could transform your fee based content intoanother product to sell. It could be an ebook, video,audio book, report, book, etc.

10. You could become known as an expert on thetopic of your fee based ezine. You may get hiredby other businesses to do speaking engagements.

May you succeed in your e-zine promotion and make a lotof money.


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