7 Ways You Can Make a Huge Impression With Your Ezine Welcome Message

Many times I receive a Welcome Message from someone after I subscribe to their ezine that leaves me wondering what I just jumped into. A welcome message is one of your first contacts with your subscriber, and it should say something that sets you apart from everyone else right at the get-go. It is, after all, one of your first impressions with prospective customers ? and first impressions absolutely do count on the internet. Not only is your welcome message a natural opportunity for you to connect with your subscribers, it's also your chance to make sure they remember you with positive anticipation so that they will be eager to open up your next message when it arrives.

Here are my Top Seven tips for what goes into making a great Welcome Message (and some suggestions on what to avoid).

1. Be positive and upbeat. This communicates a winning attitude. So many of the welcome messages I have received were as dry and matter-of-fact as a stale piece of bread. Your welcome message should convey an element of excitement and passion about the topics covered in your ezine, as well as your eagerness to serve the needs of your subscribers. You should also give them a heads-up about who you are and what they can expect from you in the future.

2. Show them what they can expect from your ezine. Setting their expectations is one of the most important things you can do right from the start, and when done in a clearly defined manner will save you from many complaints later on. If you show them up front what you intend to deliver, you will remove any cause for disappointment later on. Say something like: 'You can expect one or more of the following features in every issue of my ezine' ? and then go on to list some of the recurring topics you plan to address, with some brief comments about why those topics are so important. Better yet ? give them a link to a sample edition or your archives so they can discover for themselves what to expect. Don't just explain, demonstrate to your subscribers why your ezine is uniquely qualified to be their best resource in your niche.

3. Whet their appetite. Doing this creates an element of suspense (which is something you definitely want to do?). Have you ever said to somebody, "I know something you don't know"? Ever notice how some people simply can't wait to find out whatever it is you know? Well, this technique has a similar effect by creating a sense of positive anticipation for what is to come in future editions of your ezine, or future projects you have planned for your subscribers. You can create a sense of anticipation by saying something like: 'In the next issue I will reveal a new product that no one else in this industry knows about, and it will save you literally hours of time every month in your business.' Doing this frequently gives your readers a solid reason to want to check out the next issue of your ezine ? just make sure that what you finally have to say was worth the wait. Be sure to tell them when the next issue will be arriving in their in box.

4. Identify your ezine in the subject line. The subject line should always identify you or your ezine as the source of the message. Doing this communicates an element of consistency, and makes it easier for them to identify and file your messages now and for future reference. Many times I see a subject line that simply says "Thank You for subscribing". With the volume of email I get every day, I have no clue where this message is coming from. For all I know, it could be spam. You should clearly identify the origin of the message, and personalize it. For example:

"KK ezine Welcomes Katie: It's Great to Have You Onboard!"

You should also make sure the subject line begins with the same text every time, so your subscribers can easily identify you when they see your email and reference or archive your ezine in the future. For example:

"KK issue 102 for Katie: Helping Your Customers With Search Engines"

Is a much more searchable title than simply?

"Helping Your Customers With Search Engines"

This message could have originated from almost anyone. You want your your subscribers to know that it came from you. This is also important for another reason: If your welcome message includes valuable information and the recipient needs to get at it quickly a few weeks from now, all he needs to do is conduct a search for the term "KK" and he's got his finger on ALL your messages in a matter of seconds.

5. Provide some valuable information or offer a free gift. Doing this communicates your willingness to begin meeting their needs immediately. Right from the very start, you can begin giving your subscribers what they are looking for. This means that you must have a clear and accurate understanding of the needs in their niche. Make sure your welcome message provides them with a link to a free and valuable ebook, report, or article that will be of interest to or will solve a problem common to them. Be sure to include a set of clear and concise 'how to' instructions for accessing or using whatever you've given them.

6. Remind them why they are receiving this message from you. Doing this communicates that you are attempting to be considerate. Believe it or not, some people may not remember that they subscribed to your ezine (crushing, I know?). Or, someone else may have subscribed using their email address. In any case, it's always wise to include a comment something like this in your opening remarks:

"Hello Katie, this is Kevin Wirth, and I'd like to extend a warm welcome to you for subscribing to 'Kevs-Korner' ezine. This is just a reminder that you or someone using your email address subscribed to Kevs-Korner from my web site at http://www.kevs-korner.com or at one of my other web sites. If you did NOT subscribe, you can choose to unsubscribe at any time by clicking on the link at the end of this message."

7. Ask them what they want to hear about from you. Doing this communicates that you are truly focused on their needs, not yours. And this is one of the most powerful things you can communicate to your subscribers, because they want to know what's in it for them when they sign up to receive your ezine.

One ezine editor recently included this comment in the welcome message he sent to me:

"If there was one thing you KNEW you could COUNT on reading (or discovering) in every issue of my newsletter, something that would cause you to NEVER miss reading it, what would that one thing be?"

This is a great way to let your readers know you care about what matters to them, and it opens the door for them to give you their all-important feedback. Taking this approach is an excellent way to help ensure that you are providing information your subscribers expect or want to see.

Kevin Wirth is the owner of KEVS-KORNER ezine, a free online newsletter offering articles, tips, resources, and insight on over 150 different marketing tactics. He is bringing together a growing community where you can work with others to create and market products online. To discover how Kevin can help you grow your online business, and get a free gift just for visiting, please head on over to http://www.kevs-korner.com.

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