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Farewell to Lester Graybill

I never met a man, who could shake my hand, and make my heart feel like a hearth afire.

Three Poems and Paradise Lost [One for Hell, One for Heaven one for an Inca King]

The Torrents of Hell

The Merchant of Copan [In English and Spanish]

English Version

Africa - Wheres The Profit?

A poetic comment that just welled up inside my head ? why cant we just do something ? before many more are dead?

Ode to: The Ice Maiden of Ampatos Summit [now in: English and Spanish]

Dedícate to Antonio Castillo. L. Of. Los Andes Universitario

Ambiguity and Abstraction in Bob Dylan?s Lyrics

To many people contemporary poetry is a turn-off. The reason for this is that the majority of these poems are boring. They are so because they fail to enable people to identify with them. The bulk of modern poetry is no longer about reader identification but about information transfer, information that could just as easily be conveyed in a prose form. These poems are written merely to convey the poet's thoughts and feelings about a specific event, situation or place he or she has experienced or is in the act of experiencing. The poet is not necessarily concerned with whether the reader is moved or not by the poem, so long as he or she understands clearly the information the poet is trying to convey. This may consist of some ?important? insight gained from an experience, or it could be (as is usually the case) a jaded statement or commentary about some mundane aspect of contemporary life.

Song of the Great Zimbabwe, and Silver and Inca Blood [Poems and notes]

?Song of the Great Zimbabwe?

Commuting Hell!

It?s dark, it?s cold, its? just six thirty,

The Cat

Truth is stranger than fiction according to many people who have seen what happens around me and to them, on many occasions. Sometimes I have had others affect me in the same way. This is part of the story told in my article The Man who Loved Jail.

Testimony to the Night [In English and Spanish]

In the quiet of the arctic night?In its deep northern skies,Dim are the lights, in its cold

Key Largo - Frater Albertus

Key Largo:

Two Poems Written During Recovery

Since my wife and I are moving, or preparing to move, we?ve been going through our things as most people must, to prepare for the new location, and in doing so, I found two poems, ones I wrote in 1990, now 15-years old, never published, and so I?d like to publish them today. I was a heavy drinker up to 1984 (some twenty years drinking), when I quite, and so these poems must have something to do with it, a slight reflection perhaps. They were never numbered, as I have done in the past to most of my poems, but I assume they would be around #125 and #126, or so, out of #760. I did not have a name for either of them, so I shall name them accordingly?now:

House of the Goblin [Part Two of Three/with notes]

House of the Goblin[Part Two of Three]

Tale of the Brick Maker, of San Jeronimo, Peru [In English and Spanish]

Tale of the Brick Maker, Of San Jerónimo, Peru[A Cup of Sorrow]

Life is a Fantasy


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