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My Grannio

I never thought I would have to say GOODBYE to my best friend? But that's what I had to do today I had to let go of her forever ?

Since Youve Been Gone...

My life has changedin so so many waysIt seems to always bein a state of disarray...


There are many times I set upbarriers and walls,invisible unless you come too close,And then you hit them.

For My Mother

I cannot bear to thinkof when you will be gone.


I am not the one I was before yesterday.


You can do and you can bewhatever you want.You have the power,and the right,to make the changes.


Do not be afraid to shine.This world needs what you have to give.Open up the areas of your being;expose them to yourself - to others.You are valuable.You are unique.You have much to give.Do not be afraid to give it.

A Different Place...

I wish we had met 20 years ago...A different place, a different timewhen I actually had a chance for you to be mine...


You make me smilelike I've seldom done beforeYou give me a reasonto want more and more...

Lifes Too Short

Time goes by to quicklyto hold your feelings insideEspecially when their so strongeven if they don't abide...

Live For Today...

Isn't that what they say?But what does that mean?There's no definition that mayanswer that question...


So many looked to you for inspiration,

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Antidotes for an Alibi

Amy King's first full-length collection, Antidotes for an Alibi, insists that we examine the deceptive clarity of our actions and the goals that motivate us. How does one actually get from "A" to "B??and is there ever really a ?B?? What color is the white space between ?A? and ?B?? Upon closer inspection, surface realities reveal themselves to be porous and fragile, layered with textures and grains that lead the eye on varying pathways. So what are we to do in a world of newspaper narratives that instruct us toward tidy endings, murmuring that such endings are possible and even inevitable?

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