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The Crusader: A Search for the Virtue Inside (an excerpt of an Epic Poem)

On through the darkness she searches the bonesSeeking the hand of her love;Deep in the stillness, the maid searches on,Petitioning help from above.Onward she gropes through the flesh and the bloodOf the warriors disfigured and maimed;She carries no hope for the life of her love -For naught but his body she came.To see his face and cradle his head,Hold him close to her breast;Shed bitter tears at her sweet love's endAnd give him peaceful rest.

Arizona Blue--Gunfighter: The Wolves Nest [Chapter One of Seven: The North]

[Episode Five]

The Exit Poems [Iron and Fire & No Heroes]

The Exit Poems [And Socrates]

An Old Wood Pile [a poem with notes]

Old skin, once held tightAgainst her skeleton?Rose no more, just drapedLoosely over unpadded flesh;Un-tightened muscles, and tissue,Lost its courage, no-fortitude?,Gone are the days and yearsThat stood against the Indomitable elements; The skeleton, now a landmarkHidden under flesh and bloodGuts and moral fiber, backbone?Collapsed from drudgeryTime, time: cascading inside?.Bones now leaving impressionsAccepting fateLike tarnished silver!...Hands look like autumn leavesFallen from a treeWinter?s around the cornerThe door of time is closingLike an old wood pileBeing burnet up?Hard to open thingsHard to do anythingPrecariously balanced?Painfully slow?

Breathing-in, Minnesota [a poem: now in Spanish and English]

In early fall, in Minnesota, the rain falls, falls, In buckets, buckets and more buckets?: dropsLikened to music from its many streams?landOf ten-thousand lakes; moistened gravel, gravelEverywhere?

Grandpas House & From Iraq with Love [Two Poems]

Grandpa?s House[The ole Real House]

Uamaks Aquatic [suspense: now in Spanish and English]

Delicately, my mind was selecting a muffled tune, out of the dead dark empty space surrounding me?

Memoirs of a Wastelands Rim [a Poem: now in Spanish and English]

Memoirs of a Wasteland?s Rim

Ceasar Vallejo: Black Roses [In English and Spanish]

Cesar Vallejo: Black Roses

Wars, Air of Ambiguity [for: Lt. Laura Walker] in SPANISH and English

Wars, air of Ambiguity

Infected Ideologies [a Poetic Portrait]

the disease of extremismis infectious?;whoever cannot think oftheir childgrowing up without itis part of the phenomenon! (the choice of the day).fanaticism,--with a powerful ideologyare seeds for suicide!murder: givingreasons to rage!...ask:leninistchehitlerbin ladenthey will show youto a nobleact of death!...(that is what they say).throw out:poverty,the disadvantaged?save the ideology,that is the infected,the choice!?

Poetry and Popular Culture

Is poetry too complicated for the average reader? Is it too cryptic, scholarly? If you ask a large group of average people what they like or don't like about poetry, you'll get a few different answers, but there is an overwhelmingly common category of responses.

Ole Bulky Jeeps & Paper, Ink and Rain [two Peoms]

Ole Bulky Jeeps

Blind Designs [a Poem] and a Note by Rosa on The Other Door

Blind Designs

Daybreak at Pikes Creek [a Poem]

Daybreak at Pikes Creek[Summer of 2005]

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