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Two Poems Written During Recovery

Since my wife and I are moving, or preparing to move, we've been going through our things as most people must, to prepare for the new location, and in doing so, I found two poems, ones I wrote in 1990, now 15-years old, never published, and so I'd like to publish them today. I was a heavy drinker up to 1984 (some twenty years drinking), when I quite, and so these poems must have something to do with it, a slight reflection perhaps. They were never numbered, as I have done in the past to most of my poems, but I assume they would be around #125 and #126, or so, out of #760. I did not have a name for either of them, so I shall name them accordingly?now:

1) Hell's Taverns

Do not dieNot now, not yet-Your evil eye will not be blessed

And in hell you'll wake

To wild beast's; thus,Do not dieNot yet

Only to wake to a

Icy and burning sweat;

Wait my friend-

Tell me you won't dieTo Taverns of booze

Only to wake and find

You are dead, dead Laying flat in hell's Taverns!?

#126 1990

2) Ballade of a Recovering Drunk

Peace of mind in a world of hunter and foe-Is not possibleThat rots like clay-.Wisdom-is writing a book,For Philosopher and GodAnd not reading it?

#125 1990

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