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The Power Of Love In Your Life!


"If there is light in the soul, there will be beauty in the person. If there is beauty in the person, there will be harmony in the house. If there is harmony in the house, there will be order in the nation. If there is order in the nation, there will be peace in the world."


I call it the 'Celebrate your life' Journal! It is about celebrating life and getting the most out of living. It is about empowering ourselves, and the world we live in. We have always been in charge, but the results have not been consistent. Now we can go for consistency. Life is a journey. Enjoy the journey.

This writings I dedicate to all of you, the men and women of this world, this planet earth. Ladies, although I have used the words, man, men, I have used them as a generic term. You are included. With deep respect for you, I invite you to partake the wisdom therein.

Celebrate your life is meant to be a trigger, that's all. As you read the messages, it will trigger new holistic responses from within you. Be open-minded and explore your feelings as you read.

To get the best out of this 'journal' read the messages, than relax your self. Let your mind play about with the meanings. In your journal follow the examples given below. Write the words:

1. My mission statement.

2. My reflections.


4. Walk the talk.

Under Mission statement, write down your life's mission statement triggered by the message just read. Write what comes to mind. You will find that at the end of the journal you would have modified and re-modified your life's mission statement and come up with a final draft that will show you your life's mission, a guide towards your destiny.

Under My reflections, just write what comes to mind, that will trigger deep feelings within you. You will experience new dimensions you never knew existed within you. Your reflections should be about what you have just read, of course, but if other thoughts are triggered, very good, just write it down.

Internalizing?under this heading, when something of value touches your core, your being, relating to your life or relationship, make it part of yourself. Internalize it. Be it!

Walk the talk?means, use that you found useful. Of what use is knowledge, if you don't apply it! Commit yourself to apply what you have discovered in this book. Knowledge is powerful, but applied knowledge is empowering!

An example is given on LOVE here. You can pick any subject and do the same. Start a journal, call it whatever you want, and everyday, make it a habit and put your thoughts in it. Okay go on read about 'LOVE'below!


"Love as principle, order as basis, and progress as end."


To day I stand on the threshold of a new discovery, a personal renewal. I have rediscovered the underlying force that moves the world.

Love. I believe in this all pervading positive force. I am human, in the past I have held back. From now, I will let go. I will let go my ego, and bask in the glow of humility as I willingly let myself be enveloped in love.

I realize that to experience love, I must give it away. I must give love; that I may receive love in return. 'Give that you may receive.' Yes, I will give my love without reservation. I will give in abundance. I will greet everyone I meet with love in my being.

I will speak with my eyes and heart. People will see the glow of love in my eyes, and feel the warmth of pure love in my every word.

I will live life to the fullest. It is my right. I will live my life amid nature's order and principle. In return, I will enjoy abundance and prosperity. I will live in freedom, knowing I am in charge. As you sow, so shall you reap, I will sow seeds of quality and harvest a bountiful future.

I believe in continues improvement. It is in continues improvement that I can enjoy perpetual progress. And real lasting progress comes to those who live a life centered in principles.

And life centered in principle is living a life centered in love. I will let love transcend all my doings. I will immerse all my actions in love. I will spread universal love. I will deny no one my love, for to deny others that love, is to deny myself.

My mission statement:

Today, I promise myself, that I will feel genuine love for my fellow men. I will spread this love sincerely to all those who come into my circle of influence. I will spread the golden glow of happiness wherever I go.

My reflections:

I know what is it to be loved, and what is to be without it. I have experienced the joy of unconditional love. I have experienced the sorrow, aguish and emptiness that comes without love. I want to spread love.


I will deny no man my love and kindness. I will give of it a hundred percent. I will internalize this emotion of love in me, so that it will come unbidden.

Walk the talk:

Talking and feeling love alone is not enough. I must put it into practice. I must walk the talk. Everyday, in everyway I will use love, spread love and spread the joy of experiencing love. I will put it into action. Applied love is everything. I will not only spread love, I will be it!

Did you enjoy it? I have more, on various topics. In fact, I have one for each week. I will have more for you!

Mohan Velayudhan is a doctor of Holistic medicine and a cerified trainer. He is also an author of 5 popular books. He has trained thousands of people. His forte is INSPIRATION and EMOTIONAL MOTIVATION. He directs, You can learn more about him at a dating resources site and medinetics is his Holistic medical site. Mohan loves to write. You can get a FREE copy of his 'Celebrate your life' ebook by emailing him at:

Dr.Mohan also consults on Holistic weight-loss, slimming, natural Beauty and Anti-Aging!

Mohan is 56 years old. He enjoys meeting people and travelling, he has travelled extensively, especially in India, where he has done tremendous amount of research on Anti-Ageing and Natural Beauty.

Presently he resides in Malaysia with is family.

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