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Fulfilling Your Dreams: The Magic Of Starting

Fulfilling your dreams will remain a mirage if you simply sit down and dream on.

You may have a dream of attaining financial freedom to go after your dreams, instead of doing what you have to do, to get bills paid and put food on the table. You think about it, dream about it, analyze it, attend seminars on it, read books on it, work out a plan to achieve it and all the works.

There comes a time you simply have to rise up and just do it. There is no better time than now. Yesterday is gone, and tomorrow is not a definite date, it may never come. If you continue analyzing and strategizing endlessly, you will become afflicted by a syndrome known as "analysis paralysis".

After having done all, you have to start somewhere. There is something exhilarating, almost magical, about starting. It engages your brain in forward gear. Like a ship leaving harbor, you cast off the rope, lift the anchor and set sail. Ship Ahoy!

The rudder is used to steer the ship. It is not of much use when the ship is in harbor. You can turn the rudder to your hearts content, you are not going anywhere. The ship has no room for maneuver. Likewise your plans are not of much use when you don't put them to action.

As you start, all your faculties come alert. Your mind, drugged to a point of near stupor by years of overdose of TV programming comes back to life. You begin to think. Ideas begin to come to you. Actually, you have been getting them, but you never took notice. Your focus was somewhere else. You begin to use your brain to think, instead of storing garbage. As you put your thoughts into action, you begin to broaden your horizons.

One interesting thing about starting is that things may evolve in ways you never anticipated at the beginning. As you face new challenges, you discover that you may need to acquire new skills, and undertake tasks you never envisaged from the beginning. You learn new things, broaden your skills inventory and become better equipped to march on towards the field of your dreams.

Looking back, you see that you have gone quite from distance away from where you started. Looking forward, you see that you are getting closer to your destination, one step at a time. As you draw closer to shore, reality dawns on you that your dreams are possible after all. Nothing is impossible, if you put your mind to it. Impossible exists in the mind.

You have crossed many rivers, navigated round rapids and waterfalls and held on when many gave up and retreated back to status quo. As you hit the shore, you look back with a grateful heart. The secret to doing the impossible is to take a step, and stay focused.

Dreams can come true, if you believe they do. It starts with waking up, and doing something about it.

Usiere Uko is the webmaster of the Financial Freedom Inspiration website and editor of the monthly Financial Freedom Inspiration Newsletter, a free ezine to inspire you to exit the rat race and fulfill your God given dreams. To subscribe or visit the site, please click on the URL below. He is also webmaster of

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