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Super Powers

It is fun to watch movies of those with super powers. It sparks the imagination to watch their feats of great strength, lightening speed and great leaping ability. We can escape for a while from our dull routines, perplexing problems, and humiliating weaknesses. It seems that they have every ability that we don't.

Did it ever occur to you that you have super powers too? No one has supernatural powers of course, but we all have special abilities that the majority don't. The trick is to find an occupation where we can use our strengths and not have to rely on our weaknesses.

Everyone is unique. The Creator gave each of us the exact amount of strengths and weaknesses to accomplish our purpose. Our abilities and disabilities help us determine where we belong and how to find our niche. The ones who make it big in life are not extra ordinary people, they have discovered where they fit in life and took advantage of it. The rest of us may search for a lifetime and never find our ultimate occupation. We often get stuck, making just enough that we can't afford to start over at the bottom in something else.

You can't leap over tall buildings with a single bound, but your mind has the capacity to bypass obstacles to your success or move them out of the way. Physical strength is great for health but you can accomplish more with an alert mind. Mankind cannot fly like a bird, but we have the ingenuity to build airplanes that can. We can't run like a gazelle, but we can build vehicles that outperform them.

We can't instantaneously teleport our bodies to another location but we can instantly envision places where we want to be. We have to see it in our mind before we can do it. Everyone can picture what they want to become. It is just a matter of setting goals, making plans to go from where we are, to where we want to be. Then we have to stick to the plans.

We don't need supernatural physical powers. We have minds more powerful than any computer. We just need to develop them. They say in the computer business, "Garbage in garbage out." The same goes for our minds. If we dwell on doubts and fears of failure, that's what we will become. The Bible says that a double-minded man is unstable in all his ways. It is imperative that we focus on being successful and refuse to think about failure.

If we fill our minds with cheap novels and stories about unsavory characters, we won't go very far up the ladder. We become what we think about. Computers need to be programmed, so do our minds. We not only need a good formal education, we must keep up with the latest developments in our field, or we will soon be out of date. We are living in the age of information that bombards us with knowledge. We can't digest all of it, but we must filter out what applies to us. We can't remember all of it, but we should file where we can find, what is important to us and make practical use of it.

Many suffer with stress. We have the power to get around that problem. One of my coworkers once said, "The boss thought he was chewing me out, but he wasn't, because I didn't take it that way." Whether it is stress or not depends on how we take it.

How we look at life depends on our attitude. Our attitude determines our altitude. Whether we are bored, happy, miserable, or thrilled depends on how we perceive it. Happiness is not determined by wealth or circumstances. Millionaires sometimes are so dejected that they kill themselves. You decide to look at the bright side. You can learn not to permit negative things to dampen your spirit

I once worked as a telecommunications technician, checking out and repairing old equipment installed in new Police cars. I was stumped often and it sometimes seemed to take forever to get a car ready to go. It got to me at first, but I finally came to the conclusion that it was the out dated equipment that was having a bad day, not me. It wasn't my fault that it was worn out. We shouldn't take it personally that our work is difficult. It comes with the job.

It would be nice to have supernatural powers, but until we get new bodies in the next world, we will have to make do with well developed and fine-tuned minds. If we did have supernatural powers, we would have supernatural problems. We should be thankful that we have an easier life than those in the past who didn't have the modern tools that we do.

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