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My Grannio

I never thought I would have to say GOODBYE to my best friend? But that's what I had to do today I had to let go of her forever ?

There was no other way For me to face reality Or pretend to be okay I had no concept ?

Of how hard it would be To actually let go Of this huge part of me? Not tomorrow or ever ?

Will my life be the same Without my Grannio here Life seems to be a game ? Of chance and questions?

Questions that never end And have no answers That can begin to mend The gaping hole inside of me

Nor come close to healing My heart and soul that Seem to be feeling Lost, numb and empty-

Completely hollow? Like I have nobody left To really follow ? Through life with respect

She was so much more Than my Grandmother I knew that before She left this earth

And I told her so More than once or twice Because she had to know Just how very special ?

And truly blessed I felt to have her as my friend She was the best Without a doubt ?

My Grannio gave me More than anybody Will ever really see? It was an unspoken ?

Kind of love That came with no conditions And went far above The normal caring

And average support For a grandchild ? Or family of any sort She gave more of herself

To me than anyone In my life ever will Nobody could have done What she did for me

With so much devotion, Absolute honesty And true emotion? Her loyalty was ?

Sincerely undying I realize so much Now that I'm crying ? And wishing that

I had just one more day To spend holding her hand And trying to take away Her fears and her pain ?

That took over her Body and her mind Like never before? In our lives ?

I would have sincerely Given 20 years of my life To have her merely Be here tomorrow ?

I cannot explain The way I feel today Or how much I pain Is inside of me ?

That will never go away No matter how much time passes I know this ache will stay With me forever?

Just as her special touch Will always be with me And mean so very much ? To me and my son?

Jakob Thomas Her "BabyDoll" And I promise To never forget ?

What she would have done If she was still here For him ? her only one Great-grandchild?

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