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You can do and you can bewhatever you want.You have the power,and the right,to make the changes.

There are many choices to be madeas daily life goes by.There are changes in our worldand choices in our lives.There are those who comeand those who go.There are those who enrich,and those who drain.There are thoughtswhich improve our daily grind,and there are thoughtsthat depress us and bring us down.

Every chance meeting, every friendship,every love,every choice we make,changes us inside and outin ways we neither seenor noticeuntil sometime later.

All of a sudden we encounteran old circumstance,but we handle it in a new waya better way.The choices and the changes we madehave caused us to grow,to improve,and we can move onunafraid.

You have one life to live,don't let it count for naught.You have too much to give,Choose to give it!

Copyright 2004Fran Watson

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