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Once in a Lifetime

A subscriber recently wrote to me and asked me to consider this common phrase ? Once in a lifetime.

"Isn't every moment of our lives, once in a lifetime?" he asked. Touché! Indeed, he is correct. Every moment of our lives is the last chance we get to live that moment.

What happens though is that we figure we will be able to live another moment in the same way we are passing on right now. Time becomes a commodity that we trade? and the riskiest commodity of all ? futures! We pass on this moment for the option to live it in the future.

The problem is that there is no guarantee of the future?

Take some time this week to think about the Once in a Lifetime opportunities you are passing up each day:

The opportunity to play with your children or grandchildren.

The opportunity to love your spouse.

The opportunity to take that business risk.

The opportunity to take that dream trip you have thought of for years.

Live for today my friends. Make today the best day that you can. Be aware of every moment and how it is the last time you will be able to make the decision on how to spend it.

Today is your once in a lifetime opportunity to live your dreams, love your family, and make a difference. As the marketing profession would put it:

Don't miss this Once in a Lifetime Opportunity!

About The Author:

Chris Widener is a popular speaker and writer as well as the President of Made for Success, a company helping individuals and organizations turn their potential into performance, succeed in every area of their lives and achieve their dreams.

To see Chris "live" at the upcoming Jim Rohn Weekend Event as he speaks on the subject of Secrets of Influence go to or call 800-929-0434.

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