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Remember The Titans --Let Them Never Forget...

In the popular movie, "Remember the Titans" mostof us most likely can recall our favorite scene.Do you remember this one?

The first challenge of the coach was to get thecommunity to break up the racial divide and pulltogether. So the head coach (played by DenselWashington) decides to take his players away tocamp. Even with the change of environment racialbarriers still stood tall and tension were high.After the first few days the coach noticed thecommunication between the black and white playershad not improved in the least, matter of fact itwas getting worse. The players were not executingtheir plays, mistakes were made purposely in orderto make others look bad and as a result fightscontinually broke out. So here is what the coachdecided to do.

At lunch one day the coach pulled a particular bigfat happy go lucky lineman up to the front of thelunchroom. This kid didn't care black, white,purple, green, he just was happy to be there. Thecoach asked him to tell the whole team ONE thingabout his roommate that he learned in the few daysthey were there. This kid rattled on for whatseems an hour about his roommate. However, with nosurprise to the coach, when he asked all the otherplayers to do the same, none of them could mentionone thing about the other. How could they expectto win souls (I mean games) if they didn't believein their cause and pull together as a team? So asa result the coach made each player learn thingsabout one other between each practice sessionuntil each player new something about all otherplayers. In short, if you recall the rest of themovie, that exercise brought the team together andnot only inspired everyone, but also they wentundefeated that season. However, what if thoseracial barriers had not been broken down how manysouls (I mean games) do you think the Titans wouldhave won that year? Would they have won even onegame?

Is there any difference in winning games andwinning souls for Christ? Is there any differencein the lack of communication that once paralyzedthe Titans and Christians today? Sometimes we justgoing through the motions of going to church,going to parties and not breaking down barriers?And at the end of the day even years later do weknow any more about our friends? Can you count onboth of your hands the number of people you hangwith that you know things about them deeper thanjust their name or social status?

The turning point in the last game of the seasoncame when the coach got angry and serious enough,pulled is defensive players aside and said. "Fromthis moment forward I want you to let no one, Imean no one get past you and make another yard.Let them never forget the day they played theTitans!!!!"

From this moment forward, I challenge you to letno one; I mean no one, get past you. Let themnever forget the day you loved someone enough tofind out more about them.

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