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Make A Difference - Just Go Make A Difference!

Three Words That Can Help Us Live Exceptional Lives

Certain words and word combinations carry with them varyinglevels of meaning for each of us.

For instance, you may sense any number of reactions to oneor more of these statements:

"Strike three."
"Boston wins!"

"Speeding ticket."

"It's a girl!"
"Yes, I will marry you."

"Filing system." (For me, these words qualify as anoxymoron!)

Words articulate legislative action, cast vision, begin andend territorial disputes, express our final wishes, createpleasure and cause pain.

Words -- and combinations of words -- can change lives.Take these three for instance:


Think of these words as representing a three-fold skill setto assist us in cultivating the style of life we yearn tolive...

A growing, maturing, meaningful style of living thatgenerates enthusiasm and challenges us to keep moving in theright direction.

One simple, but not simplistic, pattern for continuing ourown self development plan will most likely include:

1. Developing the art of meaningful *observation.*
2. *Learning* from the insights we gain.
3. Selectively *sharing* our insights with others.

With the themes of observation, learning, and sharingforming the backdrop for your thoughts, take a mental reviewof the following seven vital areas for the purpose ofcapturing the prominent lessons of your life:


Now set your heart on helping yourself or someone elsecontinue the journey of living a life of excellence by:

1. Applying one of your life lessons to your current set of circumstances.

2. Sharing your lesson with one or more individuals.

Take Sherry, my wife, as an example.

In twenty minutes I will watch a group of young adults froma small college in the Northeastern section of the UnitedStates prepare to share the joy of reading with severalclasses of elementary age children in the Bronx.

Tomorrow this small band of "Let's make a difference!"people will arrive in New York, unpack their paraphernalia,get dressed in fun costumes, and creatively "read" storiesfrom a variety of children's books to a gathering of schoolkids.

How did this happen anyway?
I'll tell you how.

My wife looked at her life, took stock of what she learned(not only concerning how to teach reading but the joy ofbeing a positive influence in the world), set up a trainingexercise for sharing her life lessons with future teachers,and designed a trip to the Bronx.

In short, Sherry applied her heart to what she learned fromlife.

Honestly I can't think of one person I admire...

A friend,
An author,
Or a speaker,

Who did not experience this simple process in one form oranother as he or she strived to excel in the art of living.

You possess a great deal of potential, my friend.


And make a difference!

Yours for a day filled with beautiful moments in time,


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