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Built in Judge

In this world we don't have to afraid to anybody except to only one. Who is it? Where is it?

It is nowhere else. But it is within us.

It witnesses all our action and speech.

We cannot do anything without its knowledge.

It is none other and it is our conscience.

When human beings commit wrong they can escape from the punishment in the absence of witnesses from the court of law.

But they cannot escape from the judge built within their body, where witnesses could not fail.

We might have seen or read in newspaper and television, "A man who committed a murder has surrendered in the police station."

Who instigated him to surrender?

Definitely he would not have surrendered because of somebody's instigation.

The prime instigator for his surrender should have been his conscience.

His conscience never let him to sleep unless he surrender or accept the crime he has committed.

It will constantly pinch him to surrender.

His conscience will keep quiet only after it drove him to surrender.

If we are sincere to our conscience it will reflect in our action and speech.

We might face some difficulties while we are sincere, at the same time our conscience will give us the strength and show us the ways and means to tackle those problems.

At the end we will come out with flying colors.

We should always sincere to our conscience as a responsible citizen, father, mother, husband, wife, son or daughter, employer, employee, service provider, etc.,

We need not fear to any body if we are sincere to our conscience and everything will happen in favor of us.

If we are sincere to our conscience it will create all circumstances for the welfare of our life.

Therefore be sincere to your conscience, and you will get all prosperity.


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He is also the author of "Number that decides your destiny" and "How to eliminate your worries?".

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