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Shaping the Future with Positive People Power

We must shape the future and control our destiny.

When we examine our world, what do we see? At this moment, we see mass unemployment, a shaky economic system, 'haves' and 'have nots', corporate dominance and a system of living which is getting worse every day. Ecologically, we'ver ruined our planet and now it seems that the Earth is fighting back. Now we have global warming, geological changes, tsunamis, volcanoes and constant earthquakes. Thus, we must wonder how long this materialistic civilization of ours can survive on the path it's taken. Will we have to wait until the financial system ultimately crashes and falls before we realize that money cannot save us? When will we comprehend that our planet is in turmoil and we, as its inhabitants, need to urgently reconsider our thoughts and actions in order to save ourselves?

For years people have searched for knowledge which would help humanity to progress. Now we're in dire need of a thorough transformation - one which will encourage man to overcome the hurdles placed in his way and will enable us to become empowered.

Do you ever wonder what will happen if the world and its inhabitants continue exactly as they are? The scenarios are not great. We must realize that if anything is ever going to progress ? if our planet is going to survive for future generations ? there must be a radical shift.It is for this reason that AlterQuest has been formed.

If our species wishes to live beyond the mid 21st century, it MUST alter its perspective in a major way. We can't wait for others to make the first move. That's never going to happen. Instead, every individual must assert his or her right to free choice and free will. All of us will have to unite in harmony and follow a new path.

AlterQuest has a Blueprint for the future and it's one we need to implement right now.The concept is simple. In essence it recognizes that there are over six billion people on the Earth, yet only a small percentage ever get a say in how life should be. Till now, we accepted that a certain few rich and powerful elite could make all the rules and decide how life would play out. They called the shots with regards to distribution of wealth (unfairly in their favor) and made all the laws and rules which governed what we could and couldn't do. The rest of us were pawns in a very large, planetary, game of chess.

As we now know, the old way has failed. It has only brought greed, poverty, pollution, the rape of our planet and an unjust social hierarchy. We, THE OTHER SIX BILLION PEOPLE, realize that the end is near and yet we cannot imagine that there is a way to turn things around. Now it's the 21st century and we're headed down a path of no return. Unless ? and until ? the majority of us say "enough is enough", we'll have to continue to accept this as a done deal.

Do we have to accept this? Absolutely not!

Albert Einstein said ""We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them." Here at AlterQuest, we agree.

Our Blueprint is simple. If people got us into this mess, then people must get us out of it.

By using a new system of Positive People Power - in the format of a global network, consisting of creative think-tanks in every locality - people can come together in a spirit of unity and harmony, to evaluate all the problems facing them in their community, their country and their world. In this way they will be able to cease being complacent, take responsibility and will be able to find amazing solutions which will propel them into a sustainable future. By focusing on problems, such as lack of money, unemployment, poor social services etc, each local AlterQuest Network can use a variety of problem-solving skills and concepts, such as research, lateral thinking, intuition, and even prayers, to come up with really practical methods to change their life, and the lives of others in their immediate community ? for the better and forever. Once they have tackled the immediate issues, and their community is running well, it will be time to think about changes which will impact on their world for the future.

Shape The Future.

It's very important that we begin to focus on what sort of world we wish to have in the future.

As we, see it, humanity only has two choices:

1. Stay as we are (or)

2. Change to become a progressive society in a progressive world.

It's all about choice. We have free will. We're free to wallow in misery and continue along the same path to destruction or we can resolve to make this a wonderful planet on which to live. If we choose the first option, we'll be voting to keep the same lifestyle as now and who-knows-what in the future, but should we select the second option, which is to change our perspective, our destiny could be unimaginably wonderful.I know which one I'd prefer. Now it's up to you.

So, How Can You Make A Difference?

The answer is simple.

1. The first step is to form an AlterQuest Network in your locality. To do this you should contact AlterQuest and add your name to the list of people who wish to make a practical difference in the world.

2. With our help, you gather others who also wish to take some control over the factors in their life.

3. When there are sufficient people to make a group in your area, you are given guidelines to help in your quest to become a practical problem-solving network. Armed with this information, your network can immediately begin to tackle the difficulties facing the people in your area. There are already many wonderful ideas and concepts in use all over the world and we are compiling a database of these. This is your starting point.

4. Your group can then discuss the many options open to them and see if these are workable in your locality. Ideas such as a local banking system, a barter scheme, a farmers market, and a local economy can all assist in local employment opportunities and thus immediately help make a fairer system for all.

5. Add to this any new ideas and inventions which can be produced in your area and you are one step further.

6. If you also begin to focus on shaping the future, for your locality and also on a global scale, you may discover that there are many other concepts just waiting to be introduced.

If you do this, you will be able to prove that there are answers for the problems facing society today. These solutions aren't complex or difficult to implement. They're logical and easy to apply. If we follow them, we will quickly be able to demonstrate that our future can be absolutely magnificent.

? We can build a better, brighter world, with equality and justice for all mankind.

? We can go forward to utilize new, beneficial technologies.

? We can discover new sciences and philosophies.

? We can begin to utilize much more of the latent potential of our minds.

? We can make man see what is really valuable in life. To bring back a sense of community spirit and to make every person joyful.

? We WILL do all these things and we'll do them using a new- found spirituality.

Why Bother To Change?

We could give you many good reasons why people must change their perspective but if you're living on this planet, and are really just 'existing', you'll already know why. If you watch the news and you see the hardship and struggle others are facing, you'll also know why. If you see the political parties bickering and lying to you, there's yet another reason to change things. If you hear the words ' economic recession' , yet you see the massive profits the corporations are making without having to pay their fair share while you struggle to make ends meet with a low (or no) income, then you know why. If you can't get medical help because good, swift treatment costs too much, then you also know why the system has to change.

When you realize that you can't make a difference on your own but if you could unite, using Positive People Power, just as Mahatma Gandhi did with his population, then you KNOW there could be a small glimmer of hope.

For all these reasons, you must now accept that to sit back and do nothing, is to wait for disaster, however, to stand up and take some action, in the most positive way possible, IS to take some control over your destiny.

Now you have the facts. Now you must decide.

AlterQuest can be contacted via our website:
Phone: (Australia) 07 5572.4142
International +61 7 5572.4142

Karen Fiala N.D. and George Fiala B.Com (Economics) believe all humanity must unite and work together in harmony if our world is ever going to progress. They have formed the AlterQuest organization in the express hope that it will be a platform for Positive People Power. They believe the world needs to change, and people must form their own creative think-tanks and network together, in order to find new ideas and workable methods which will enable humanity to survive the 21st century and beyond. But first mankind must take back control over its destiny. We can no longer leave our fate in the hands of others.

It is for this reason that Karen and George urge everyone to join together in a global organization of progress for all. These Founders of the AlterQUest Organization, firmly believe that man can Shape the Future by taking control over the type of civilization which will inhabit the Earth this Millennium..... and beyond!

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