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Do You Pay For Services Out of Obligation or Appreciation?

Have you ever paid for services rendered with a strong sense of appreciation, yet you weren't aware of the impact you had on the person who received the payment? Let me assure you it does make a difference. In fact, how you pay for any type of service sends an important message yet is often overlooked. I say that with certainty because recently I had the good fortune of working with a client who demonstrated the most impressive attitude and professionalism in regard to payment. I was so struck by his approach and attitude that I decided to share what transpired, hoping that others might take something of value away from my experience.

Potential Client Reads Article!

It started one morning when a potential client read an article written by me in an online publication. He liked what I had to say, checked out my web site and testimonials and then wrote requesting help with a bio for his web site. As always, I responded promptly, providing the details of the writing procedure along with what I would need and what it would cost. What happened next surprised me. I no sooner sent him my quote for the initial project, (the e-mail was barely out of my send box), when only a few seconds later, payment was already submitted to my account.

New Project Requested Again!

Thinking that he was just eager to get things started, I began the process of writing for him and had the first project ready within two days. He was very pleased with the end result and immediately requested my expertise on another project. I again sent him my quote and told him I would begin working on the new project that afternoon. Once more, as soon as I sent him my quote, and I mean within seconds of my submitting it, he sent me payment.

Surprised at Prompt Response!

This time I had to comment, so I wrote him to thank him kindly for his quick response in regard to his compensation turnaround. I told him that I really appreciated his attitude about payment and was quite impressed although surprised at his prompt response. What he wrote back will stay with me forever. He wrote and I quote: "It is my philosophy not to put anyone under any undo stress about money so that their attention will be only on the project at hand." He further stated, "I want you to be free to express your creativity without having any worry about when you would be receiving payment."

Giving the Best of Oneself!

Now while I believe in always giving the best of myself for every project I work on, when someone appreciates the time and effort put forth, it does something to one's attitude and increases the desire to give more than one's best. I was truly inspired by his attitude and I thank Paul Gjenvick for teaching me an important lesson. I am forever in his debt for opening my eyes to the magnitude of paying from appreciation rather then obligation. In fact I will never pay for anything again without thinking about this experience.

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