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Trusting Your Genius Within

Comments about New Theories in the Professions and Business!

I recall reading an article in The New York Times whichfascinated me entitled, "Geniuses, Crackpots and a GrandUnified Theory" by James Glanz. The article basically statedthat even geniuses have some crackpot ideas! It was aboutone genius meeting with other geniuses expounding all typesof incredible theories. For instance, Glanz related this storyof Einstein. "Once, in the 1940's he met for four hours withWilheim Reich, who believed that a box called an OrgoneAccumulator could concentrate an energy of which the entireuniverse was supposedly composed, and that he thoughtcould cure human maladies like cancer and impotence." Dr.Reich relates, "when I told him, (Einstein) in concluding, thatpeople considered me mad, his reply was 'I can believe that,' Dr. Reich wrote in his journal."

Reich envisioned himself, thinking Einstein was agreeingwith his theory, instead Einstein concurred with the conceptof Reich's possible madness! So you see even Einstein metwith some very interesting people!

Another comment, "Oddly, scientists who lose their bearingsin one topic are often perfectly sound in the rest of theirwork," said Dr. Virginia Trimble, an astro-physicist at theUniversity of California at Irvine. Why couldn't this apply toReal Estate Professionals who are thinking "outside thebox?" Let's face it changes in many fields is not even gradualbut cataclysmically annoying.

So please take this theory and expand it to the limits of yourimagination. It is not offering any medical or treatmentadvice. This book is a sharing of ideas and thoughts aboutwhat many consider to be elusive, esoteric or strange,especially in the field of Real Estate. You might try askingsome long time Real Estate Professionals about theconcepts discussed in this book regarding the selling andbuying of real estate. The response should be mostinteresting!

I recall vividly over 20 years ago while looking into anelectronic microscope, the fascinating world of viruses!Looking at these exciting forms and shapes in themicroscope, magnified, hundreds of times, a thoughtcrossed my mind, why couldn't there be thoughts whichappear like viruses hidden within the crevices of theseincredible designs? I was attending a unique course at theUniversity of California in Irvine, when we had the privilege ofutilizing electronic microscopy technology. When I asked thequestion if a good virus, thought or even touch transmission,could transmit impulses to a bad virus, cell, a microorganismor intelligence. I recall the skeptical look the professor gaveme. But isn't selling and buying really an emotionalexperience.

Even though we associate a virus, transcending thoughttransmission, touch impulse, with an infectious process andnon infectious process, why couldn't there be good virusesattached to these bad viruses or in some way, related tothem or even some other process or intelligences? After allthere are about 4000 viruses classified, even 200associated with the common cold. Maybe, just maybe,various Theories of thought, processes in deciding on RealEstate and healing applications could be transmitted just likeany other virus. After all, the human eye can see none ofthese viruses, let alone thought or certain energytransmissions? How about the eight intelligences underHoward Gardner's Theories on Multiple Intelligences? Alsomy theories on Prosperity, Spiritual or Intuitive Intelligences.The viruses can only be viewed with sophisticated expensiveelectronic microscope, but various Intelligences can only bemeasured by awareness, accomplishments or variousevaluating systems.

Gardner defines intelligence as "the capacity to solveproblems or to fashion products that are valued in one ormore cultural settings" (Gardner & Hatch, 1989).

What fortified this theory was at the same time I was studying laser medicine and surgery. Since laser is an acronym, light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation, I thought that some Theories on Intelligences, healing, prosperity thoughts and energy transmission, buyingand selling decisions, could be based on, learning, optimism, vulnerability and exposing our inner thoughts.

I was fascinated with the concept of the carbon dioxide laserbut there are other forms of lasers. The sun is the majorsource of electromagnetic radiation and laser energy comesfrom the visible portion of that electromagnetic spectrum.This is the portion that stimulates the eye and we see it asvisible light. There's a great variation in the electromagneticspectrum. We don't see x-rays, gamma rays, radio wavesand a host of other components of the electromagneticspectrum. We don't even see the common microwaves in ourhome microwave cooker!

Picture an incandescent bulb where the light is diffused in alldirections, which is called incoherent light. Doesn't ourthinking sometimes feel a little incoherent? Especially withthe paradox of some buyer's and seller's of real estate. Eventhough we perceive the light from a bulb as white, it really ismade up of the colors of the rainbow. So, don't always thinkyour perception of your client's and customer's thoughts maybe a little incoherent! The common light bulb has numerousincoherent rays in all directions?

Isn't it our responsibility to help with information for our buyersand sellers make coherent and beneficial decisions duringany Real Estate transaction?

The difference in laser light is that it is coherent, which meansits wavelengths are not thrown in all directions but that thephotons, the radiation energy, are all in the same wavelengthand in the same phase. When they pass through time andspace, they are parallel, monochromatic, the same colorfocused directly which intensifies the energy. View it assunlight being focused through a magnifying glass. Wouldn'tit be nice if we could focus all our thinking processes whenconsidering real estate, with this intensity, dedication andenergy? I believe we can and do!

Trusting the Cyclotron in your head!

Here's another thought, just picture a group of atoms, insidea tube. Picture them, if you will, like little golf balls. Some ofthe little golf balls may have stripes around them depicting anatom as it has a nucleus and electrons circling it. This circleof electrons could be substituted with positive thoughts oraffirmations. Just picture all these little golf balls sitting in atube. Now we pass a source of energy, which could be heator light, or in our concept it may be auto-suggestion, thoughttransference, or vital energy and it starts shaking these littlegolf balls into an excited state. Is it any different with themultitude of disclosures that need clarification?

As these atoms absorb more energy they start hitting eachother with great force and bounce around in the tube beingdeflected by mirrors and hitting one another. Probably nodifferent than all of us passing on an excited enthusiasticstate of action, to each other or just maybe that exciting stateof love, the locating of the perfect property or whatever ourperception may be? Just think of getting all of these golf ballsexcited hitting each other, then all of them flying through thesame opening, in line with the same direction! How aboutthis energy force being correlated within MultipleIntelligences? Imagine the power we would have, if wefocused our energies to a specific goal? That goal could bethe final road to escrow and closing. Essentially this is whathappens when the final decision is made on a property. Well,at least most of the time.

While this brief explanation may be simplistic, I haveattempted to illustrate the possibility of different Theories,which could be stimulating our curiosity, even our MultipleIntelligences.

"Think of happiness as a disease. I don't mean it's good orbad, I use the word disease on purpose. It has a negativeconnotation, but we talk about disease as a state of non---health often caused by an infection or by an inherent degreeof damage to the body. This is to say that there is acharacteristic's state that is usually beyond the control ofhappiness is like that. Maybe it happens to you and it isbeyond your control. Maybe it's a chemical state, and theorganization of your brain, like intelligence and the mixed ofwhat happens culturally, plays on that."
Robert K. Jarvick, M.D.

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