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Be a Star in Your Own Life

Do you have the charactertics to be star in their own life?What characteristics below do you have or don't havealready? Give each item a rating from 1 to 10 with 10 beingyou have this charactertics 100%.

1. Believe anything is possible. The universe is youroasis, see everything as vast within a reachable horizon.Keep raising your ceiling every day. Believe in you andothers will believe in you. Everything is a mirror andothers can only be a reflection back of that mirror. Whenyou think it will work, then it will work. Who do you wantpeople to see when they look into your mirror?

2. Know your talents and focus on them in order to be star.Talent is not ability or skill. Talent is your gifts fromGod. Look up the words talent, ability, and skill in adictionary and learn the difference. You need to name it inorder to claim it. To find your talent, find the consistentpatterns that have yearned throughout your life, the thingsyou have always gravitated to. Define yourself in terms ofpotential value you bring to the world. Ask, "What gives mea burning sense of fulfillment?"

3. Just like a star in the sky, gas and dust build thatstar and make it shine. The star chooses only the rightgas, the right dust to bring into its building process.There are tons of choices (gas) and elements (dust) that areswirling all around you. Use only the specific types thatwill help you form your star.

4. Be selfish when it comes to fueling your talents andyour dream. Do things that please you. Have daily call toactions that make you tingle and smile.

5. The smallest participles deliver big results. Bigthings emerge from the smallest actions. Focus on thelittle things whenever the big things aren't apparent.

6. Trust and use your instincts fully. Use heavydiscernment regarding comments from others. Never underestimate your competition.

7. Burning rage is the difference in saying you wantsomething and continually acting as if you do. You succeedonly to the level of your hottest burning rage. Anger is notburning rage. Rage provides a sense of fulfillment whenaccomplished, it makes you happy and smile. Rage is oneclick past passion and desire. Rage has no fear and failureisn't an option. Rage propels you out of your comfort zone.Rage is a level of continual commitment that makes asuperstar. Rage keeps you alert, highly aware. It keepsyou looking for a new path, especially one that isn'tblocked. Rage attracts like-minded positive people. Itshould propel you into action.

8. Make and bake your own breaks. Be ready for theaudition at any moment. Be the President of your own fanclub. Who is drawn to you -- who are your biggest fans andwhy? Be the last one standing. Be a great pitcher. Worksmart and hard, be prepared, and be available.

9. Be comfortable with change. Choose to be comfortablewith being uncomfortable. It's hard to stand out whenyou're fitting in.

10. Turn any disadvantage in an advantage. Setbacks areonly setups for something else.

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Catherine Franz is a trained life and business coach veteranwith experience in a variety type of businesses. Otherarticles: Or blog, "Out ofthe Blog, Into the Light" She isa columnist, author, speaker and trainer.

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