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Recipe for Success

"Desire is a tremendous force, and must be directed in the right channels (to work). - Florence Scovel Shinn

Take one cup of Desire,

Mix well with a heart full of Passion,

Shake in a tumbler of Willpower,

Add a full cup of Thought.

Stir in a full cup of Commitment,

Slowly add one heaping spoonful of Planning, Ideas, Capital, and Fun

Add to this a pinch of Faith (about the size of a mustard seed), and stir all until well blended.

With lots of Action, you will soon start to see the results of your Effort and Hard Work.

If your success doesn't come true the first time, start the recipe over again - this time with more feeling. Discovering what you need to do to make the recipe for success work, places you at the threshold of where you wish to be. Listen to the voice inside of you. Trust the source that comes from a Higher Power. He knows all of your wishes, your dreams, your ideas, and your plans for fulfilling them. You will be guided by the wisdom of the ages.

To do this you must start from a new point of action. Get rid of all doubt, confusion, and fear that prevents you from succeeding and reaching your goals. Then you will no longer react to the negative things in your life, but will live with a purpose, and go forth with confidence. Negative events will have no affect on you or the choices you make.

Pay attention to the guidance you receive. Your "inner ear" will lead you to the right choice and in the right direction. If it's something you desire now, go for it. Fearing to make that commitment will make you loose the opportunity - and it may just be the opportunity of your lifetime.

Feel free to change the "recipe for success" in any way you wish. It's yours to amend so that it fits your desires, your goals, your dreams, your life. Make it important enough to change your life. If you're in business become aware of how you conduct yourself with your clients, associates, employees, your vendors and suppliers. Measure their performance based on the way you interact and/or react to them.

If your performance is negative and critical, change it. If it's positive and uplifting, keep doing it. Try not to confuse or frustrate others. Try not to let them confuse, frustrate or anger you. Be aware of your feelings moment by moment. Do you show anger? Doubt? Fear? Are you judgmental? How can you stop your thoughts from controlling you? Knowing how is the first step to knowing yourself. This leads to empowerment - and success.

Can you do it? Can you actually take this step in faith?

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