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In Search For Wealth

My eldest son phoned me the other night to let me know that he and his partner was going to have a baby. When I got the news, I was more excited then he was. He seems to be in a state of shock trying to come to grips with the can of worms that had just opened.

For me the news was a mix of joy and a realization that time was catching up with me and that the *financial* success I have crave for, for so long is still a dream. I, like so many others out there are looking for that pot of gold to make life more comfortable. I use to consider *money* as a gauge to determine my success in life. I and like many of you; have tried over and over again to increase my earnings to provide a better life style for my children. I was determined not to grow up like my parents, always struggling.

Don't get me wrong, I had I good childhood except I never saw much of my dad. He was always working. I did not realize until I had my own kids the reason he worked so hard. When Justin was born, I made a personal commitment to provide my children with the quality time that I missed with my dad and at the same time tried to be a financial success.

My wife Tracee and I have seven children, three boys and four girls. We agree early in our relationship that I would be the main bread winner and she would stay home and care for the children. As the kids were growing up, we would encourage them to play sports and I would help coach their team. This would give me the opportunity to spend more time with them.

My pursuit for financial success still eluded me; I have tried nearly everything to be rich. I have tried most of them and still going through the process. It did not occur to me until recently that the efforts I put in raising my children had produced its rewards. My kids are well adjusted, they are healthy. Justin is going to be a dad at the age of 25, when he was born when I was 20. Jasmin, the eldest daughter is a school teacher. Ashley, my number two son has just settle into an apprenticeship as a panel beater. Sharee, who had just turned eighteen, is a free spirit. She has a job but no ambition, nothing seems to faze her and I worry about her a bit. The other three children, Alysha, sixteen, Crystal, fourteen and Jordan who is our baby boy will turn twelve in September.

I now look at success with different eyes, I might not be rich when it comes to money but I am very rich and very successful and I am going to be a granddad. Hoo! Hoo! Life is wonderful.

Copyright 2005 Nasri Bale

Nasri Bale, novice writer and father of seven children would like to share his life experiences he has had with his kids. He hopes that the articles will touch and inspire, also to let other dads know that they are not alone. You can contact me at,

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