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Attaining Financial Freedom

Financial freedom is not about having enough money to spend to your heart's delight, without seeing red. It is freedom from the control of money; freedom from being a slave to money.

Attaining financial freedom basically entails discovering your talent and passion, and developing it to a level that it begins to attract money. You ultimately get to do what you love, enjoy and have fun doing, and make lots of money while you are at it. When you get to that level, you no longer work for money. If you learn to deploy your money in wise investments, you get money to work for you.

Faced with everyday pressures, bills and the need to put food on the table, it is very easy to believe that more money is the solution to all your money problems. If you have money problems right where you are, chances are, more money will not get you out of the hole you dug yourself into. It will make matters worse. More money will simply generate more expenses and more debt in tow. You end up becoming worse off than you currently are.

To attain financial freedom, you have to take control of your expenses and finances, and not the other way round. You have to build a quality asset base that that will bankroll you expenses and current standard of living; assets that generate cash flow even when you stop working.

To have a good snapshot of where you are, you need to step back a few steps and look at the bigger picture. Come out of your small world, and look up five years down the road you are taking.

Where will it lead you? Is that your desired destination?

Now, take a look back at where you are coming from.

Is where you are today according to plan, or you just stumbled along, led by situations and circumstances?

Attaining financial freedom is embedded in the fulfillment of your God given dreams and purpose. If you are working for money, whether under your boss or working for yourself, you are still a slave to money. Money dictates what you do, when you do it and how you do it.

To make it to the field of your dreams, you have to have a plan, focus to execute it to its logical conclusion, taking it one day at a time.

As you pursue your dreams, you still need to put food on the table. That is reality. You may need to work for money, as it may take quite a while to develop your talents and skills to the level where you begin to make good money. You may have to do some things that you don't really love. It is for a season. It is part of the plan and process. The fact that you don't really love what you are doing should propel you to double up effort in the direction of your dreams.

There is no highway to financial freedom. Your path is as unique as you. There is no one like you on this planet. You have to discover yourself, and on the strength of that, work out your route to freedom and your dreams. No one can do it for you. They can lay out the general principles. You have to work out your salvation. No one knows you as you do. You are the only one that can navigate your way.

There are many rivers to cross to the field of your dreams. It starts with discovering your talents and area of core competence, having a dream/goal, drawing up a plan and getting on with it.

There will be obstacles on the way. There will be setbacks. If you stay focused on your dream, delay gratification and rise up each time you fall, you will get there. It is only a matter of time.

If are ready to attain your utmost potential, then you are ready to fly. Go for it.

Usiere Uko is the webmaster of the Financial Freedom Inspiration website and editor of the monthly Financial Freedom Inspiration Newsletter, a free ezine to inspire you to exit the rat race and fulfill your God given dreams. To subscribe or visit the site, please click on the URL below. He is also webmaster of

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