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Why Are We So Lost? The Journey Home

Did you ever wonder how you ended up where you are in your life? Is life a culmination of a series of very carefully planned moves or a hodge podge of serendipitous events? Of course as we get to know ourselves better, our radar becomes more finely tuned. Our intuition develops and we become more secure with our inner knowing. We make better choices. Sometimes I think the journey would be easier if we had a map to guide us.

Now granted even if we all started out at 18 with Life's Map of Happiness, there is no guarantee. For sure the map would be lost, read incorrectly or poo-pooed by onlookers. But what would you give now if you had a map that pointed out the dangers and desires that await you? Well Diva, we don't have to wonder any longer, we're going to chart our own Life's map.

I'm using an adaptation of a segment of a beautiful map that was created in the 1600's by the famous cartologist, John Speed. Like most of us, John toiled at a craft to care for his family. He carried on his family's work as a tailor until the age of 48, when a patron discovered his amazing talent. John began his life's legacy to document the British Empire under Queen Elizabeth. John was lifted from obscurity by the grace of his patron and the Queen gave him a room to create his masterpieces. The wonderful gift of John Speed's maps is the beauty with which they were created. Each one can transport us to a tiny isle in the British Empire or a little town in the countryside. They also provided an essential element of a life well lived, direction.

Starting from today, let's create a new life map. Fill it with wonder and possibilities, Mark the paths that are dangerous. Remember Dante painted a warning sign over the gates of hell: Abandon Hope All Ye That Enter Here. You deserve no less. You know the pitfalls that have slowed you down in the past: be it men, lifestyle or poor choices. You don't ever have to go there again and you can seal off the route. Put a big warning sign on the road behind you to remind you of the dangers that lurk in bad decisions.

Now what awaits you in the future? Is it true love, a new career, the birth of a dream? Do you long for adventure and travel to far away lands? Is your family scattered around the globe? The world is your oyster Diva and you can create any map you can imagine to get you to where you want to go. Mark the way and color it with love, life and laughter. To help you get started, I've created a mini-map from one of John Speed's beautiful creations to chart you Life's Journey. I've prompted some of the milestones that are important to a life well lived, and feel free to add your own. To download your version, please go to

Wherever you find yourself in this moment, know it is only one rest stop on the journey. Life is full of valleys and mountains, streams to rest by and an oasis or two along the way. Honor the journey, for it has made you who you are in this moment; a beautiful, courageous, victorious traveler living life's great adventure. Remember to always leave the baggage behind, it's always best to travel light.

Maureen O'Crean is the co-author of I Am Diva, Every Woman's Guide to Outrageous Living. Founder of, an international online community of women and author of, a web blog devoted to women's issues, Maureen is on a quest to find the balance of fun and results in life.

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