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It's all in the mind- your mind.

It's not brought about in an instant by serenesurroundings,nor by the sound of soulful music,nor the beauty of summer blooms.The mostluxurious surrounding can not fill an empty soul.It's like a vessel, the slightest crack will cause leaks,it can never be filled. It is not whole.

You are a precious vessel. Be the first to acknowledgethis,and treasure it, and the rest of the world will agreewith you.

A troubled soul is a restless one. Ask yourself- whatis really troubling you? To stay in this state does nothelp you to find answers. Worrying does not bringanswers. It tends to add confusion, incites fearand obscures the possibility of a solution.

What you need is clarity, not more confusion. Doyou know what it is that clutters your mind andtroubles your soul? Can you spare some time fora quiet moment? A time to step away from yourproblems.

Perhaps you think too much, try too hard and getdisappointed too quickly. Or you give up too easily.Think of balance and the virtue of temperance.

Are you being too hard on yourself? Each day thatpasses by, surely there is one, just oneaccomplishment that you could be pleased with.One small blessing that warms your heart andputs a smile on your face!

Learn to get away from all that is threatening, scary,and downright stressful. Stress. It is the greatestsource of illness, relationship discord, and lack ofharmony and peace even with one's self.

Negative vibrations tend to come uninvited, workingtheir way slowly, and then at your weakest moment,overcome you! It can devastate you.

A bright and sunny morning to wake up to is a joy tobehold. Watch the diamonds twinkle and glimmer asthe sun rays hit the snow, or the gently flowing waves of the lake. Ever notice the shy glint on a leaf with the morning dew.

Inhale a deep breath of fresh air, yes, that is free. Itis comforting. Give yourself the gift of a quiet time, achance to empty your conscious mind of all the agoniesaccumulating and congesting your mind.

Think of a traffic jam, vehicles are moving painfully slow.It eats away at the nerves; it burns gas, and wastes awayprecious time.

Many of us can relate to this. Think of steps you needto take to avoid this waste of energy in your life.

Have Faith, find ways to meet your quiet self. Together,you will find the inner wisdom to minimize the clutterin your mind and find clarity to propel you to positiveway of thinking. Discover the wealth deep insight canadd to your life.

Give yourself a few minutes of tranquility, quietenyour mind, and just let go of the cares of today. No,not in a bottle or a puff . Stare at the world around you,staring can quieten the mind. Stare at the patch of bluebeyond, drift with the clouds. Fill your soul with thebreath of Life, warm your heart with all the blessingsLife has showered you with. Small blessings mean a lot.

Yesterday is past, but today matters. Take the momenttoday to give yourself the luxury of tranquility. Release,surrender all your worries, all your doubts, all your anger.Trust that tomorrow is another day, a better day.

A moment of tranquility, away from the noise andconcerns of the day, a moment just for you and yourtranquil mind.

Bonnie Moss

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